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Creating Your Own Tarot Essence

Tarot cards use images and a narrative to craft a symbolic roadmap of consciousness, encapsulating our life's voyage. Armed with this profound wisdom and the key to your subconscious, you can unveil the path to instigate positive transformations in the present, thereby paving the way to materialise how you want the days ahead to look.

Tarot Essences are a powerful way to harness the archetypal energies of the Tarot for your personal growth and transformation.  These remedies go hand in hand with Tarot to help you change your perception, and have the ability to return balance to your emotional state.


If you'd like to read an in depth look into how and why tarot essences work, you can find that here. You can also purchase my professionally made and practitioner tested Tarot Essences by heading here.

But if you'd like to attempt making some for yourself, stay here and keep reading because there is actually an easy way to make your very own archetypal Tarot essences.

Before you embark on this undertaking it's important to ensure you're using cards from a cleansed deck. Ideally, choose a deck dedicated to healing work, one that resonates with your heart and soul. Familiarise yourself with the individual cards through meditation, because the more connected you are to your cards, the more potent your essences will become.

It's a good idea to learn more about how each of The Tarot Essences 22 Archetypal remedies can help you to see and discourage so that you're choosing the right essences to create for your specific needs. You can read more about each tarot card and their corresponding remedies here.



There are three methods to craft your Tarot essence:

1. Direct Water Infusion

Place a glass of pure spring water or filtered tap water directly over the chosen Tarot card for a minimum of 15 minutes. If charged by direct sunlight, 15 minutes is long enough; otherwise, let your intuition guide the duration. You can enhance this process by placing a clear quartz crystal (or a crystal matching the card's energy) in the glass for simultaneous programming.

2. Submerged Card

When creating an essence for more than one person, place the Tarot card in a glass or jar inside a bowl filled with spring or filtered tap water. Do not place the card directly in the water. It is basically a jar inside another jar. Allow the water to absorb the card's energy for at least 15 minutes before consumption.

3. Mother Tincture

To make an essence that lasts over time, creating a 'Mother tincture' is the way to go. This is a simplified version of how I make my Archetypal Tarot Essences. Begin with the first method, then transfer the essence to a dropper bottle filled halfway with vodka, brandy, or rum as a preservative. Shake well. From this mother tincture, fill 10 ml dropper bottles with about a third of your chosen preservative, two-thirds spring water, and a couple of drops from the Mother tincture. Shake well, and your essence is ready for use. Typically, a 10 ml bottle provides a two-week course if taken as two drops (in water or directly under the tongue) three times daily.


Harnessing Lunar Magic

Look at the lunar phases when crafting your remedy. The most potent essences are often created on the night of the full moon, aligning with the card's corresponding astrological sign. If possible, let the water absorb the card's essence overnight. Certain lunar energy cards, such as The Moon, The Queen of Cups, and The High Priestess, thrive under moonlight. Trust your intuition in this lunar dance.

A Word of Wisdom

All cards can be used for essences, but approach some with caution if you have a challenging relationship with particular cards, especially some of the Swords suits. While Tarot essences can aid in healing conditions associated with these energies, be prepared for a healing crisis. If working with a challenging card, consider partnering with someone so you can support each other in navigating the transformative journey.

Now you are equipped with all the wisdom you need to craft your own Tarot essences, unlocking the profound magic of the Tarot's archetypal energies, but of course if you have any issues, please reach out, I'd love to offer help.

And again, if you'd prefer to explore The Tarot Essences © without the crafting process, you can view my own collection of Tarot essences available for purchase here, each one is infused with each Tarot's wisdom, crystal energy, flower energy and a little of my own magic. Plus they have been trial and tested by many practitioners in our field including many Naturopaths.


If you have any questions about how best to use The Tarot Essences, which ones might be most beneficial to you, or issues with making your own, please don't hesitate to get in touch. And in the meantime, embrace the magic, and may your journey be filled with healing and illumination.

With blessings and tarot love,

The Enchantress


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