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Tarot Essences - The Moon

In the 78 card Tarot deck, there are 22 Major Arcana cards which represent life's karmic and spiritual lessons. Each Card of the Major Arcana is said to represent the Fool’s Journey; a symbolic journey through life where the fool overcomes obstacles, or gains wisdom. Today we are going to look at:

The Moon - Tarot Essences ©

Illusions, Dreams

A yellow dropper bottle of the Tarot Essence The Moon. lays on a table beside a pink flower, The Moon tarot card, a lit yellow flower candle, and a crystal
The Moon Tarot Essence

Helps you see:

Clearly, through the illusions, the mysteries of life, your subconscious blocks.

To discourage:

Confusion, repressed emotions, psychic attacks, deception, fear and paranoia.

The Moon represents deep emotional and mental memories.

With The Moon as a personality, you find your answers in revelations from the subconscious. Dreams and a deep intuition are part of the fabric of your very being. They help you see clearly and guide you in the right direction on a daily basis and with the bigger questions that are a part of your life.

The Tarot Essences © , 22 Archetypal homeopathic remedies derived from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck, go hand in hand with Tarot to help you change your perception, and in turn, balance your emotional state.

Because that is what the essence is for … to help you embody that personality and allow you to see the perspective of The Moon … “what would The Moon do in this situation” type of thing.

The Moon Tarot Essence brings enlightenment. It is a helpful tool to uncover any blockages in the subconscious. It gives you answers to confusions in your life, clearing your path of any misguided or preconceived fantasies and ideas you may have. In this way, your way forward is made mindfully, with clarity and one foot in reality.

This may be a good essence to use if you are feeling fear or confusion in your life. If you are depressed or facing any self deception toward your life's goals or purpose. The Moon Tarot Essence will help you believe in yourself and move forward. It clears your vision and helps bring understanding to your life.

I love to use this essence with clients who are feeling afraid or even paranoid about the people in their lives or even of themselves. For those who are repressing their emotions, this essence can clear away any fogginess and help them feel clearly and harmoniously. It is great for using on hormonal imbalances or any issues with the pineal gland.

You can learn more about each of The Tarot Essences © 22 Archetypal remedies and what they help you see and discourage here.

If you have any questions about how best to use The Tarot Essences or which ones might be most beneficial to you, please let me know.

With gratitude,

The Enchantress


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