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You’re ready for a



You’re about to quantum leap into a new future.

It’s time you get to do your divine work.

Are you an empath in the Health Industry that knows there is more to healing than what we can see?


Are you looking at using your intuition in your work but you don't know how to channel your divine and psychic gifts?


Do you feel you lack confidence and you don't know where to start your spiritual development? Maybe you have tried many small courses without actually getting anywhere? 


Do you find yourself constantly wishing for meaningful connections with like-minded people, someone that understands you and doesn't call you crazy for believing there is a better and more meaningful way. 


You lack healthy boundaries, and your energy is often compromised? 

I am here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way, the universe works in simple but powerful ways and I want to help you uncover your gifts and wake up to your divine purpose so you can feel empowered and safe in your life and work space. 

I can get you to be more confident in living a life of fulfilment so you can change many lives in the process.

Like a beacon in the middle of the sea, becoming an Energy Healer can feel like a huge responsibility, this is why I have chosen to create an approved program that proves amazing results, over and over.

Allow yourself to commence the most personal journey of self-discovery on the planet, and as we heal the self, the world around us will heal, creating a divine bubble of miracles around you. 

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The Healer Training provides all the necessary information to guide you through your entire journey, including energy activations, meditations, healing work, psychic development activities, practice and support.

Here’s what you get in The Energy Healer Practitioner Curriculum:

The Classes are delivered in-person and online. All classes run from 3 to 4 hours and the classes are divided into theory and practice. There is a manual that accompanies each module. 

MODULE 1  -  How Energy Works
How to Ignite the power within

 Awaken your Spiritual Senses and understand Energy like a powerful light warrior. Through the power of Quantum Science you will understand the ‘all that is’ and the Universal rules that we play in. 

MODULE 2 -   The Power Points of the Soul

Balance your Chakras with Crystal Healing.

Discover the power of the chakra system and activate all your energy centers to feel balanced and complete. Recognize basic crystals and proficiently use them in crystal healings, elixirs and grids for you, your loved ones and your clients.  

MODULE 3 - Meeting your Spirit Guides

Express your divine Gifts and activate your Spirit sensors. 

Activate the power of communicating with the divine realms and explore the art of divination with clarity and grace. Become a confident Oracle Card reader to help you, your loved ones and your patients to find counsel and direction in the journey of life.  


MODULE 4 -  Dowsing for Health

Using the power of Dowsing to diagnose

Energize your dowsing gifts with powerful activations and practices to get you doing energetic diagnosis like a pro. Open and close vortexes of light to transform energy powerfully. 


MODULE 5 - Reiki 1 Certification 

Your first initiation to the Usui Method of hands on healing 

Awaken your Reiki healing abilities to create shooting and powerful transformations for you, your loved ones and your clients. Accelerate the healing progress with this powerful hands on healing techniques 


MODULE 6 -  Releasing Negative Cellular Memory

Your Genetics and your past lives are the same thing 

Outcome: Release any Negative Cellular Memory that doesn't serve you any longer, learn the power that Past lives have in your current life and learn how to do a Negative Cellular Memory Release for your clients. 

MODULE 7 - Entities, Egregors and Magical Protection 

Remove Negative Energy from your life once and for all!

Explore the realm of Negative Entities with power and authority and learn how to do a Sabotage and Negative Entity Clearing from yourself, your patients and spaces. 

MODULE 8 - Sacred Rituals 

Ignite the power of rituals with powerful Wiccan traditions 

Awaken the power to create powerful magical rituals to manifest the life and business you deserve. Create powerful prayers and activate the energy of spiritual protection for you, your house and your clients. 

MODULE 9 - Ignite your purpose 

Find clarity and activate your business mindset.

Activate your riches and learn how to run a successful business in the Spiritual arena, attracting your dream client and understanding all the implications of being a grounded healer with the power of changing the medical system. 


MODULE 10 -  Reiki 2 Certification 

Your second initiation to the Usui Method of hands on healing, and the ability to do Reiki Healing as a Business. 

 Radiate Reiki to everyone around you with a powerful initiation into the  Reiki offerings for others. Learn how to do a distant Hands on Healing as well as a Crystal Reiki for your clients.  This session will be topped up with a beautiful Aroma-Reiki massage technique that you can implement for your loved ones. 

MODULE 11 - Treating your patients with Nature's Remedies

Align with the power of nature to create subconscious healing 

Learn the power of natural remedies to use with you, your clients and your loved ones.  I will teach you how to use essential oils, crystal elixirs, flower essences and my signature essences in your practice.  

FINAL INITIATION - The Initiation Ceremony 

Activate your innate power 

Activate your amazing gifts with a beautiful and powerful Initiation Ceremony. During the retreat we will focus on raising our vibration to invite powerful gods and goddesses to witness, and to welcome you into  the world of Energy Healing, so you can be a beacon of light that radiates divine energy everywhere you go.


This Energy work based program offers an affordable, intensive and comprehensive healing journey. Combining many popular and powerful energy systems, including dowsing, Reiki and powerful earth remedies.


This insightful and inspiring course will give you all the knowledge, attunements, practises, and support that you need to start  Energy Healing on yourself and/or others.


Whether you join this life-changing program for your personal development or to start a new and remarkably rewarding career, you will be amazed by the rapid changes and progress you will notice in yourself, and how they positively affect your life and those around you.


This is a 10 week course,  50+ hours contact, plus your own practice of 1 hour a week. This course includes a final retreat, that you must attend in order to get your certification. 


Class dates and time
You will be expected to attend the following dates:


Classes are held on Saturdays starting at 9.30 am to 1.00 pm, besides Reiki 1 which requires a full day presence. There is also a full weekend retreat starting on Friday at 5 pm and finishing on Sunday afternoon.


  • Session 1. Saturday 27th  of July

  • Session 2. Saturday 3rd of August

  • Session 3. Saturday 10th of August

  • Session 4. Saturday 17th of August

  • Session 5. REIKI 1 - Saturday 24th of August -  ALL DAY 

  • Session 6. Saturday 31st of August

  • Session 7. Saturday 7th of September 

  • Session 8. Saturday 14th of September

  • Session 9. Saturday 21st of September

  • Session 10. Practice Saturday 28th of September

  • Break, integration & practice time

  • RETREAT at SUNSHINE COAST, QLD - Friday 11th of October from 5.00 pm to Sunday 13th of October until 4.00 pm.

ONLINE PARTICIPANTS - Online session with offline and online practice

Sessions are live streamed and begin at 9.30 am and finish at approximately 12:00pm. You will need extra time to complete the assignments on your own.  ​

  • Session 1. Saturday 27th  of July

  • Session 2. Saturday 3rd of August

  • Session 3. Saturday 10th of August

  • Session 4. Saturday 17th of August

  • Session 5. REIKI 1  Saturday 24th of August -  ALL DAY - Online attunement (Option to attend in person)

  • Session 6. Saturday 31st of August

  • Session 7. Saturday 7th of September 

  • Session 8. Saturday 14th of September

  • Session 9. Saturday 21st of September

  • Break, integration & practice time

  • Session 10. Practice at Retreat - 1 day prior to in-person attendees

  • RETREAT at SUNSHINE COAST, QLD - Thursday 10th of October from 12.00 pm to Sunday 13th of October until 4.00 pm. (You will be required to travel for this event)​​​

Please note that online participation is for those who are located more than 2 hours drive from the course location, unless there is an illness. Attending this course in person is extremely beneficial so, where possible, it is always encouraged. 

What others are saying

'I recently had the pleasure of working with Monica to complete the Energy Healer Practitioner Training. Being from a small country town in NSW, it's very difficult for me to be able to join training as it's mostly face to face & not offered in my town. I was over the moon to find Monica offering the Energy Healer Practitioner Training online & the amount of information & modalities that were presented in the one training.

Our literature was beautifully presented & will be something I refer back to on an ongoing basis.

Monica has been 110% supportive throughout the training & is continuing to support me now the training has finalised.

Meeting Monica & fellow students for the retreat to complete & bring together our skills & new found knowledge was truly magical..

Thank you Monica, you have changed my life in so many ways

Love, light & magic' - Renee Howes,   Victoria - 2022 attendee

'I had the wonderful experience of doing one of Monica's courses in S.A. . Monica is a beautiful soul full of knowledge and expertise in so many different areas. She engaged with each student on a personal level really tapping into what they needed at that time in their life. The course expanded my own knowledge giving me the confidence to move forward in my life in the direction I wanted. I would highly recommend Monica, she definitely is gifted in assisting you to create the change and growth you desire and deserve. 🙏.'   Belinda Mitchell South Australia - 2021 attendee
'I was blessed to stumble across The Enchantress and join Monica's Energy Healing Practitioner Course a couple of years ago. Her experience, energy and sparkle lights up your soul! Monica is so generous with what she shares and teaches, in an ever engaging manner. I am not only grateful for Monica coming into my life, but also the beautiful like-minded souls she brings together.' - 2020 attendee
'The Enchantress changed my life!! Her incredible spirit guided me on a path of healing and self discovery when I needed it most. Her loving heart and kind nature instantly makes you feel comfortable and at ease. Her Energy Healing course has enhanced my life and my business. I wouldn’t be where I am today without her!! ❤️❤️❤️ ' Amanda Cleland  from Wholistic Heights South Australia - 2020 attendee
"The passion and enthusiasm from Monica made the course fun and enjoyable and easy to learn, her encouragement is outstanding!" - 2019 attendee
"I loved meeting like minded people and learning new skills." - 2019 attendee
100% of those surveyed said they would absolutely recommend the course


The total fees for the course and all inclusive retreat are $4,444.

You must pay a non refundable $444 deposit to secure your position at the time you make your commitment. $1000 discount applies if course is paid in full. Individual payment plans can be organised by emailing

Registration closes on the 19th of July 2024.


Payment includes Certification, Manual, 7 Crystals, a Dowsing Bobber and the chance to have a discounted membership with the IICT for the first year. This course also includes FREE support from The Enchantress for the duration of the course and 2 months after, as well as a Facebook support group for students and ex students.


*Any lessons missed are not redeemable and might challenge your certification.



Please contact Monica on 0401265668 or email

The course can be taken online, but you must travel in October and participate on the retreat to receive your certification. Address supplied at booking.


I look forward to sharing my knowledge with you soon.


Monica Finazzo

Complementary Therapist with 20 years experience / Psychic/ Reiki Master/ Hypnotherapist/ Past Life Regression Therapist/ Energy Healer/ Author/ Spiritual Teacher / Yoga Teacher

Guiding empaths in the health industry to find their own truth, and create a powerful transformation in themselves to heal, awaken and elevate humanity.



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