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CLEAR QUARTZ The Ultimate Healing Crystal

Clear Quartz is also known as Crystal Quartz or Rock Quartz. It is the Master Healer of crystals. This crystal can be found as clear, white or transparent and it is made up of Silicon Dioxide. This is the main purpose of using Clear Quartz is to help us heal every area of our life at our own time. It also helps to manifest our wants and desires. It amplifies all the energy around us.

It is the second most abundant mineral in the earth’s continental crust. This beautiful crystal is found throughout the world. This is why it is called the ‘Universal Crystal’. It is an extremely versatile to use and can be ‘programmed’ for any circumstance.

It can be used in all forms of healings, from – Spiritual development, to Reiki, to spells or even as jewellery to help assist the person throughout their day. This is because Clear Quartz can be used as a substitute to all other crystals. This also means that it can help amplify all other crystals as well.

This crystal is used as a connection to the powerful energetic bonds. This energy source acts as a Spiritual Connection to our Highest power energy grid. Clear Quartz is connected to all the Zodiac signs.

Clear Quartz is neither a solid nor a liquid. It has a hardness of 7. It vibrates at a staggering 786,000 pulses per millisecond. The vibration frequency of this crystal is even faster than light.

Ancient civilizations including the Atlanteans and the Lemurians believed that Clear Quartz crystals are the incarnations of their divine beings. They also believed that it could communicate with people who are open and willing to receive the information that is held within the crystal. It is also believed that Clear Quartz is ice frozen so hard that it will never thaw. The ancient people also used to bury Clear Quartz crystals with their departed loved ones in honour to help them to pass on to the other side. Each Quartz crystal will only resonate to each individuals needs, thus meaning that it will never force someone to face more healing than they can handle at the time.

Clear Quartz can create electricity and it is used in many watches and computers. It holds the essence of pure White Light, and contains all colours through the colour spectrum. This is why it is such a powerful amazing crystal to own.

This crystal brings energy, power, balance and healing. This crystal helps to assist in healing all parts of the body and especially the energetic bonds. As this crystal balances the energy in our body, it helps and assists to heal our body of dis-eases. This also includes helping our bodies to fight pain. You can place the crystal on the site and it will infuse the area with extra energy. Nursing mothers can also use clear quartz to help with lactation as it can increase milk flow, specifically milky quartz. There are an unlimited amount of uses of Clear quartz as listed here. These are also some extra ways to use this amazing dynamic crystal. It can aid memory and perception, as it harmonizes the brain and nerves.

Clear Quartz is used to bring energy in and out of our bodies. For example if during a Crystal Healing, you can use Quartz points to direct the flow of energy. If the point is facing inwards towards the person this will bring more energy into the body if the person is sluggish or lethargic. If a person who is being healed has too much energy eg. Hyperactive you are able to change the points to face outwards to help remove some of the excess energy.

Clear Quartz aids with many different ailments. For example, it can assist in helping you to relax, thus it is a great crystal to meditate with, either holding it in your hand or having it near you. This also can help to have it near your bed to assist with sleep and also it is stated that it can capture your dreams and help you to manifest these to happen.

Some time though the energy from this crystal can be a little overwhelming when we are trying to sleep so if you are sensitive to this it is best to remove the crystal from the bedroom and have them set up in a special place. On the other hand though clear quartz can also help us to tap into unlimited amounts of energy too. When our lives become too chaotic and unbalanced it can help us to gain some control of our life situations if we ask it to assist us by sitting with the crystal and meditating and stating the intention we would like the crystal to help heal. We can even put a clear quartz crystal on our pets collar to help give them good vibes.

Clear quartz is able to give us extra courage and strength at times when we are faced with more challenges in our lives. It can also help protect us from negative energy and negative influences. It can make us more aware of our environment and thus then when we are feeling overwhelmed it can give us the courage to speak our truth like if we really want to say 'No' to doing something we don’t want.This means we have the power to make our own choices in life so we can do what is right for us and we can stand up for ourselves.

With Clear Quartz it helps us to move forward in our lives instead of continually looking backwards and asking what if? As this can’t be changed and we need to move forward and live each day as a blessing. This too is the power of Clear Quartz.

Clear Quartz resonates with all of our chakras but particularly the crown chakra, this is where our spiritual connection is most enhanced and where our Spiritual growth comes from. Clear Quartz helps us to be more intuitive and it is often used in magical ceremonies because of this. Often Clear Quartz is use in making of Grids in magic or many Wiccans use a Clear Quartz wand to help direct the flow of energy to a particular part of the body. These wands are also used to sever no longer needed energetic bonds.. They will also have Clear Quartz placed on their alters to help bring in the extra flow of energy for their rituals. Many wiccans also like to keep a Clear Quartz Crystal in with their Tarot or Oracle cards to reset the energy after each use.

Tarot and Clear Quartz

Clear Quartz aligns with the sun giving us lovely warmth, vibrant energy. This means Clear Quartz can be cleansed by the sun too. To cleanse using the Sun you can leave your crystal on a safe place for a maximum of half an hour. The moon also is aligned with clear Quartz, especially the Full Moon. This gives the crystal even more energy. When you are cleansing your crystals make sure that you do not put the crystal on the grass or in near a dirt patch as crystals come from the ground so they will rebury themselves. So if you are putting the crystals outside, make sure to put them on a plate or bowl where they can’t ‘jump’ as crystals love to go back to where they come from (the Earth).

Clear Quartz can be cleansed in various ways. Like the two ways above. Also clear Quartz can be washes in a river or the ocean (make sure you hold on to it as it may disappear back into the earth). You can Smudge the crystal by burning Sage. There are many other ways to cleanse but it is best to recharge this crystal regularly so that it doesn’t become too full as some times crystals that have too much energy stored in them will break or shatter. Sometimes you will feel the crystal has done all the work it can for you and you may want to give it away to someone you feel will benefit from its use. Please make sure to cleanse the crystal before giving it away.

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