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Calling All Essential Oil Lovers...

 It's Time To Become Empowered

Take control of your physical, emotional and even financial health. Have me as your essential oil coach, and take your life to another level of consciousness.  

You DO have the power within to consciously create a life full of physical, emotional and financial wealth.

What’s all the hype about essential oils? I’m glad you asked…


Gifts from Mother Earth

Essential Oils are volatile aromatic compounds that have the power to enhance and alter the chemistry of our body. They are educators of our cells that are found all over our flora realm. They not only have amazing physical, mental and emotional benefits, the spiritual aspect of the Essences is extremely powerful.  They are truly gifts from Gaia. 


Are You Looking For Purpose?

Essential Oils are not only great at assisting with your physical body, but they enhance your vibration. They bring meaning into your life. When you join me in this journey, you will be part of something much bigger. How does it sounds if I say that we are on a big mission here, much bigger than smelling better. Are you ready to be part of the health revolution? 


“Monica is a powerful and intuitive healer and reader. She is warm, authentic and knowledgeable”

Louise, NSW


"Thank you so much darling Monica, for sending me those beautiful oils. I shall use them in our Sacred Circle and know that you are with us!"

Sandra, NSW

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