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Awakening: Breaking the Chains of Negative Traditions

In our beautiful human experience and as a biological part of our evolution, traditions weave a thread that connects us to our roots, providing a sense of continuity and belonging.

Traditions are independent of social status and serve as the imprints of generations that came before us. They are the stories told at family gatherings, the channelled customs passed down throughout the ages. Traditions provide a commonality of experience that keeps us safe and makes us feel welcomed and accepted. They help renew our faith, and remind us to come back to who we truly are.

The Enchantress

The meaning of traditions goes beyond the mere repetition of activities; it involves the transmission of knowledge, values, cultural heritage, and most importantly, emotions that make you feel part of something bigger.

While traditions offer a sense of stability and continuity, it's essential to recognise that they can also evolve and adapt over time. Not every tradition is positive in nature, and lots of traditions have evolved to a point where they have lost the original meaning, or they are just simply outdated.

We do what we do, because others before us did it. Most of us are really proud of what we have achieved and where we come from, others can feel embarrassed and ashamed of their ancestors, and the struggles that previous generations have undergone. In some cases biased traditions can keep you stuck, and obstruct your divine progress.

Many individuals find themselves tied to traditions out of familial obligation. The pressure to conform to the expectations set by previous generations can be immense. Whether it's a career choice, a marriage partner, or lifestyle decisions, the weight of family expectations can sometimes lead individuals down paths that stifle personal fulfillment.

What is true for your family and for your ancestors, does not have to be true for you. The key lies in achieving the clarity to distinguish between traditions that nurture and those that constrain. Liberation from detrimental traditions does not diminish the respect for the past; rather, it's an acknowledgment that growth often requires shedding old layers.


"I will not follow where the path may lead, but I will go where there is no path, and I will leave a trail". - Muriel Strode


True personal growth involves a delicate balance - honoring the wisdom of your ancestors while having the courage to forge new paths. It's about understanding your essence and your divine path and creating conscious choices to embrace practices that contribute positively to your life. This discernment requires introspection, healing, meditation, journaling, and I often recommend guidance to be able to hear different points of view.

Here are a few ways to help you recognise what traditions are not good for you anymore:


Take a pen to paper and let your thoughts flow. Journaling helps you unearth deep-seated beliefs and emotions tied to traditions. It's a powerful tool for self-reflection and gaining clarity on what truly serves you.


A Cellular Memory Release therapy will take you to deep ingrained memories that are holding you back. These memories might be yours, related to a past life, or or even related to an ancestor. Freeing yourself from these memories can be a life changing experience.


It is related to the root and crown Chakra, blending our tribe with our belief system and the perceptions we have of the world due to the society we were born into. It helps renew our faith and reminds us to come back to who we truly are.


Meditating on what feels right for you can provide insights into which traditions align with your authentic self and which ones might be holding you back. Start your meditation by asking yourself: Who does this tradition belong to? Does it still serve my higher self?


Communication is key. Be open and honest with your family about your feelings regarding certain traditions. Let them know with love where you stand. This transparency fosters understanding and paves the way for mutual respect.


Affirmation: I approach life with an open mind.

I hope my words help you find your true north and allow you to honour the traditions that are helping your grow.

With Love,

– The Enchantress –

Spiritual Author, Spiritual Teacher, and Energy Therapist


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