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Enhancing Relationships Through Active and Empathetic Communication

This Valentine's, I thought it would be important to share something special with you guys to help you improve your relationships in very level.

Most of the clients I see in my practice are failing at communicating properly ... and in general just imagine for a second how different the world would be if we all had better communications skills. Love and relationships can't always be easy, but taking the time to listen to others in your can make a huge difference, specially by making them feel cared for and noticed.

Active and empathetic listening is a powerful tool not only for understanding others better but also for strengthening the very foundation of our relationships. Empathic listening is the practice of being attentive and responsive to others' input during conversation. Listening empathically entails making an emotional connection with the other person and finding similarities between their experience and your own so you can give a more heartfelt response.

I use empathetic listening all the time in my field of work. Doing readings and as an energy healer, just listening isn't enough; you have to be able to put in the effort to make them feel heard, and make an effort to connect with them on a deeper level.

Empathic communication does not only involve understanding what is being said but also the feelings connected with those words as well as their point of view. It is not only important to listen with your ears but to also analyse the body language of the other person, and taking a listen with your heart.

This is why I love being a Tarot Reader. I have an empathic communication with each one of my clients and a clear connection to their feelings. Not only listening but connecting with their energy, their deepest desires, their dreams and also their sorrows. Some words I like to use with my clients to create this connections are 'I hear you' , 'I feel you' and 'I get it', but off course, only if I really do. Honesty here is also important.

When we are listening to someone and we respond on what they are wanting to hear and dishonesty we are not really creating a positive environment. Without hurting anyone you can still be empathic and share your truth.

Listening is a beautiful act of respect. It tells someone that what they are saying counts and their views or feelings are important. Please try not to hold your phone, even if you are not using it, while you are trying to practice empathetic listening, looking at their eyes, holding their hands, not crossing your arms and stopping what you are doing are small, yet significant gestures that set the stage for meaningful connections.

In romantic relationships especially, attentive listening is a major factor in building understanding and intimacy. Most women complaint of not being heard, while most men struggle to communicate their deeper feelings. When someone takes time to listen to you, it makes you feel supported and in turn give more back to them. Sometimes all we need is an empathetic ear that is willing to help release the burdens of our thoughts.

When you are empathetically listening to someone, doesn't mean that you have to to make their problems yours, or that you have to take on the emotion. Simply acknowledge and help them release what doesn't serve them any more, or help them ease their concern with a big hug.

Empathetic listening is a great tool for conflict resolution. Actively putting yourself in someone else's shoes to be able to understand their point if view. It is great for work environments and corporate too. It has been noted that managers who actively listen to their staff tap into lots more real and raw information, can take better decisions, boost engagement and get the team to be more innovative and creative. The same active listening among peers can create an environment of respect, understanding and mutual expectations, leading to better productivity and a more cooperative work environment.

Maintaining eye contact, nodding in acknowledgment, and offering verbal cues such as "I understand" or "Tell me more" convey our engagement in the conversation. Additionally, understanding the power of silence and allowing space for the speaker to express themselves fully is crucial.

To celebrate the month of love, make people around you feel valued, understood, and respected by embracing active and empathetic communication.

May all your relationships be happy, filled with respect and beautiful, deep communications.


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