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Seven Crystals To Boost Your Intuition

Intuition – our inner voice, our sixth sense. Our perception that extends beyond our five senses.

Without touching, seeing, hearing, smelling, or tasting this experience, it is felt within the deep recesses of our soul. There is nothing physical about it, yet it has the power to guide and light our path.

Sometimes our intuition is a quiet whisper, other times a loud roar. For some of us this inner voice comes easily, naturally, like when we were children, for others, or simply as we grow, it is a sense we need to work on and encourage out of the shadows.

And why wouldn’t we want our intuition working at full strength,

when our intuition is unbound, the pathway to our deeper selves is clear.

Crystals can be an incredible tool to help enhance and strengthen our intuition, to connect us to the spiritual world and our inner truth. Helping to clear our chakras with their high vibration, crystals help to form a bridge so we can be receptive to the messages coming to us. When we're open to our inner voice, we can create a higher perception of the world around us.

Use these crystals while you’re meditating or communicating with the spiritual world, or wear them throughout the day to benefit from a higher intuition in your daily life. I often use crystals for myself and others. I find Crystals Healings to be a powerful tool to balance your Chakras, and to bring equilibrium to your Etheric Field.

I love using Crystals daily. If you search my pockets while I am doing Tarot Readings, you will find most of these crystals. Before a therapy or a reading, you can also find me rubbing my third eye or meditating with a Lapis Lazuli and you will find a Celestite on my desk to bring me clarity.

Here are seven favourite crystals I use often to help boost my intuition:


- balances flow and clears the mind -

Fluorite helps to raise your vibration. It is known to spiritually detoxify by absorbing any negative energy and transforming it into positive energy. With this reduction of negativity, you’ll feel a more profound sense of peace, allowing for deeper relaxation and better sleep. Combine this with an enhanced level of positive energy around you, your focus will improve along with your energy levels.

Fluorite is soothing and allows for more clarity during times of spiritual stress.


- connects with the divine and enhances cosmic thoughts -

Celestite is extremely useful for communicating with higher realms and the divine. This stone is a great tool for developing and strengthening your spiritual enlightenment.

With its high vibration and gentle energy, Celestite will help grow your psychic gifts and clairvoyance. Enhance and harness your inner gift of seeing beyond.

Bring more divinity into your life as you create mental clarity and clear communication to, not only connect with higher realms, but bring about a self-awareness that intuitively guides you to your higher purpose.


- connects with the crown chakra and heightens intuition -

Amethyst enhances spiritual wisdom. It’s a well-loved crystal for psychics, mediums and other divination practitioners, because of its ability to activate spiritual awareness and heighten psychic abilities. It opens intuition and encourages deeper meditation.

Amethyst is one of the best protective crystals. It guards against psychic attacks, turning the energy from any harm and ill thoughts from others into that of love.


- nurtures and offers a guiding light -

Moonstone helps us find happiness within the ebb and flow of life. It encourages us to nurture ourselves, taking time for rest, so that we may see and speak from our true heart. Deriving its energy from the Lunar source, it carries protective white light and can ward against nightmares and insomnia while inspiring lucid dreams and calm sleep.


- calms and cuts through the noise -

Clear Quartz protects us from negative energy and negative influences. It can make us more aware of our environment and thus then when we are feeling overwhelmed it can give us the courage to speak our truth, giving us the power to make our own choices in life so we can do what is right for us.

It promotes relaxation, making it a great crystal to meditate with or have near our bed to assist with sleep and to capture any dreams and help manifest them into being.


- creates inner awareness and opens the third eye -

Lapis lazuli is a powerful stone that can protect you from both psychic and physical attacks. Lapis Lazuli will give you strength to rise to the challenges you’re faced in life by giving you a deep inner self-awareness and helping you see different situations with clarity so you can arrive at the best decision for you. It has an honesty that brings out confidence within your inner self, it can help you to speak your truth and confront others.


- stills the mind and cleanses your aura -

Selenite is great at quieting the mind, and clearing any confusion that's preventing you from seeing the big picture, or being aware of yourself or surroundings. It is for this reason, that Selenite is useful during meditation or for any spiritual journey. It clears negative energy and calms, making it perfect in these situations when you're needing a little more insight or clarity.


Wishing you rich blessings as you search for the best crystal to nurture your spirituality and help you find higher intuition.

The Enchantress


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