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Fluorite is a captivating multi-coloured mineral, known not only for its incredible beauty but also its powerful healing properties.

These crystals are found in a wide range of shapes and colours, either singular in colour, or a dazzling combination of two or more.

The name comes from the Latin word, flux, and the magical fluorescent glow seen at certain angles under UV light. The colours appear to flux, to flow and blend in the light.

Fluorite is known to spiritually detoxify by absorbing any negative energy and transforming it into positive energy. Used in a work or home environment, this ability helps to clear the mind and encourage mental clarity. With the reduction of negativity, you’ll feel a more profound sense of peace, allowing for deeper relaxation and better sleep. Combine this with an enhanced level of positive energy around you, your focus will improve along with your energy levels.

By unblocking stagnant energy and encouraging better flow and redirection of energy, it allows for more stability and balance. Because of the harmony Fluorite brings, it is a perfect crystal to have on hand while using affirmations.

Fluorite helps to raise your vibration, soothing and allowing for more clarity during times of spiritual stress. This makes it a great crystal to have around your home, as when our mind and body is clear, we are in perfect balance, and our aura is revitalised.

Green and purple (also known as rainbow fluorite) is the most popular fluorite, and it’s a personal favourite of mine, but each fluorite colour has something amazing to offer:

Clear white fluorite is light. It invokes truth and intuition, encourages psychic gifts and restores your mental, emotional and spiritual clarity.

Yellow fluorite helps balance your energies and clear your solar chakra. This fluorite helps you make confident intentions, positively working toward a sunny outlook, and shines light on your unused psychic abilities.

Blue fluorite helps heal your throat chakra. It opens communication, encourages balanced thinking, raises your voice so you speak your truth, and enhances spiritual awakening.

Green fluorite connects with the heart chakra, helping you find your true self and purpose. Green offers a vibrant cleansing energy, and is great to use when trying to get rid of addictions.

Purple fluorite is associated with the third-eye chakra, expanding and protecting psychic communication and spiritual connections. Purple fluorite balances energy and offers peace and positivity for improved mental and spiritual health.

Use fluorite in your home or office to clear the energy and promote love and positivity, or wear it on you to benefit from its incredible energy all day long.

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