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Lapis Lazuli is a deep-blue metamorphic rock that is prized for its intense, vibrant blue and is often mottled with grains of gold pyrite.

Lapis Lazuli has been used for thousands of years as a gemstone, in cosmetics, and the bright blue pieces are trimmed of impurities ground down into a powder for the blue pigments of colour in many ancient paintings.

Lapis lazuli is a powerful stone that can protect you from both psychic and physical attacks.

Lapis Lazuli helps boost the immune system, and calms areas of inflammation. It can be a wonderful pain-relieving tool to help fight headaches, vertigo, pre-menstrual cramps, and other bodily aches. It has been known to offer immediate relief simply from wearing it on or close to your body.

Lapis Lazuli will give you strength to rise to the challenges you’re faced in life by giving you a deep inner self-awareness and helping you see different situations with clarity so you can arrive at the best decision for you. It has an honesty that brings out confidence within your inner self, it can help you to speak your truth and confront others.

A perfect stress relieving stone, the harmony of Lapis Lazuli will bring peace and ease stress, helping you overcome depression and giving you a greater sense of calm. Wear it at night, or place on your bedside table, to help alleviate insomnia, and allow for a more restful and revitalising sleep.

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