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Starting with Why - Your Path to Purposeful Living

In the intricate and mysterious journey of life, we often find ourselves asking, "Why am I here?” 

This simple question carries profound significance, not just in our daily lives but also in the world around us.

The more I meditate, connect to spirit, and serve others through my services and courses, the more I understand the power of the collective consciousness. In turn the power that each of us has in the shaping of this collective and the future of humanity. 


One of the most significant things I have come to learn is the importance of each one of us having meaning in life and a purpose. Without PURPOSE, life has no meaning, despair takes over, and getting out of bed is a drag. 


Every day I jump out of bed, LOL;  yes, I look after my physical and mental health as much as I can, but I jump out of bed because I not only have a purpose, but I have A HUGE PURPOSE. 


The reason WHY I do what I do keeps me motivated and keeps me on track with my goals. This reason aligns with my life mission and with what I was born to do. My WHY aligns with my values, my astrology, my past, my business offerings, and the actions I take everyday. 

I believe we all have two kinds of life missions, and although I don't fully understand the concept myself, I can tell you that you have a mission that is specific to your soul and another mission that is humanitarian, beyond your soul, and of service to the collective


To understand how yours might look, I'll share mine with you. My mission is to change lives through education. I believe with 100 % of my being that the world would be a better place if we all had access to metaphysical education. I love it so much that since I left Uni, I have not read a single book that is not for my personal development and spirituality. My focus is all about improving my life and other people's lives through metaphysical education. 

“ Metaphysics is the branch of philosophy that studies the fundamental nature of reality. This includes the first principles of: being or existence, identity, change, space and time, cause and effect, necessity, actuality, and possibility”

As well as this, I believe in nature's perfect balance, and believe that if we were to all follow our mission and start with our WHY, there would be no shortage of jobs, money, food, or shelter. In fact, we are where we are as a collective consciousness, because not everyone is taught to live their WHY. 


 "Starting with why" is a concept that has gained momentum in recent years, thanks to the visionary leadership of Simon Sinek. It is a concept that challenges us to reverse the typical order of thinking. Instead of focusing first on what we do and how we do it, it prompts us to begin with the "why" behind our actions. The core idea is that people are more inspired and motivated by a sense of purpose and a clear understanding of the "why" than by the "what" or "how."


A few benefits from exploring your ‘WHY’ are: 


1. Finding Your True North: 

This encourages you to introspect and identify the deep-seated reasons driving your choices, actions, and goals. A guiding star that leads you toward a life that aligns with your values and passions.

2. Inspiring Others: 

One of the remarkable aspects of "starting with why" is its ability to inspire and influence those around you. It's why I shared mine with you. I hope it has inspired you.

3. Navigating Through Challenges: 

Having a clear "why" can provide resilience and determination. When things are hard, your "why" becomes your anchor. 

4. Achieving Personal Fulfillment: 

"Starting with why" is about waking up each day with a sense of purpose and going to bed each night with a feeling of accomplishment.


 Having said all this, lets help you with discovering your "Why":


Reflect on Your Values

What principles and values matter most to you? Your "why" often aligns closely with your core values.


Identify Your Passions

What activities or pursuits ignite your enthusiasm and make you feel most alive? Your "why" is closely tied to these passions.


Ask Life Mission Type Questions

Engage in deep introspection by asking yourself questions like, "What impact do I want to make in the world?" or "What legacy do I want to leave behind?" A powerful exercise I did once was to write down what I wanted people to say at my funeral. Try that! 


Seek Feedback

Sometimes, those close to you can provide valuable insights into your strengths and passions. Ask friends, family, or your spiritual mentor what your gifts are from their perspective? Ask: What qualities show up, when I show up? 



I hope this has helped you discover a magical part of yourself and allowed you to connect with your true

essence. And of course, I am going to suggest that if your ‘WHY’ is related to being of spiritual service to others, changing the medical system, or helping others through their challenges, I would love you to consider becoming a Certified Energy Healer or a Certified Tarot Reader. I understand this isn't for everyone, or the timing is perhaps not right, but I would be doing a diservice to 'my why' if I didn't offer what I am so passionate in doing. I hope I get the opportunity to guide you along this journey.  


With love, 

The Enchantress


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