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This pale blue gemstone means mental clarity and higher purpose.

Summon your guardian angel like you’re being watched over by a loved one. Celestite is extremely useful for communicating with higher realms and the divine. This stone is a great tool for developing and strengthening your spiritual enlightenment.

With its high vibration and gentle energy, Celestite will help grow your psychic gifts and clairvoyance. Enhance and harness your inner gift of seeing beyond. Bring more divinity into your life as you create mental clarity and clear communication to, not only connect with higher realms, but bring about a self-awareness that intuitively guides you to your higher purpose.

With its ability to bring about clarity, Celestite aids in psychic and spiritual healing. It helps you be more aware of energies in your life, bringing them to life, and letting you see them for what they are. Having Celestite in your life will assist in letting go of negative emotions and feelings and bringing about a state of peace and greater spiritual health.

Using Celestite during meditations will give you a more powerful and deeper meditation. This means getting more from these, and in turn helping with your inner calm and spiritual development.

Celestite is undoubtedly one of the best stones for psychic power and spiritual awakening. When you tap into the spiritual world, you will create more divine wisdom and positivity in your life, improve your spiritual awareness and cultivate harmony.

Celestite is connected to the higher chakras, but works most closely with the third eye, the chakra of wisdom, perception, and higher levels of consciousness. It is great for use in chakra cleansing and grounding, offering greater peace and state of mind.

Another benefit of Celestite is its ability to still any tension and stresses. It helps restore inner balance and harmony to quiet your anxieties. It clears the mind to make way for mental clarity for better productivity and focus in the day. And at night, feel its soothing lullaby as it calms and shifts away your stresses, allowing you to relax and ease you into a deep sleep. It can also assist with dream recall.

Place it under your pillow or rest it on your bedside table to make the most of Celestite during the night.

Wear it during the day to benefit from its high vibration, and infuse your day with mental clarity, energy and focus.

Keep it in the workplace or home to encourage better communication, and a place of calm.

Hold it, or place it on your third eye during meditation to promote a deeper connection with the divine and spiritual world.

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