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Moonstone is balancing, soothing and calming. Full of Lunar energy, this stone brings optimism, dreams, fertility and healing into your life.

The essence of Moonstone is to find happiness within the ebb and flow of life. It encourages us to nurture ourselves, taking time for rest, so that we may see and speak from our true heart.

A Master Healer for women, Moonstone is believed to aid in emotional healing, hormonal balance, fertility and all feminine related issues of the reproductive system. Moonstone helps to regain inner strength and power and to bring one back to wholeness after operations or trauma.

Deriving its energy from the Lunar source, it carries protective white light and can ward against nightmares and insomnia while inspiring lucid dreams and calm sleep. Place Moonstone under your pillow before bed.

To help your garden grow, plant Moonstone in the earth 3 days before the Full Moon. Plants naturally grow better with the energy of the Full Moon as it draws water up towards the surface of the soil making it more available to the roots. Planting Moonstone in the garden helps to concentrate the energy of the Moon allowing for more growth.

To recharge and cleanse your Moonstones, wash under running water, gently dry, and leave them out under the Full Moon or New Moon.

To use Moonstone in Drawing Down the Moon Spell:

Stand outside under the Full Moon with a Moonstone in each hand. Spin anti-clockwise while focusing your gaze on the Moon. Stop when you become dizzy, holding the hands open, palms and stones up to accept the creative and empowering energy of the Moon. Visualise drawing this energy down into you and feel it flow throughout your being. Thank the Moon Goddess for this gift.

Keep your Moonstones stones in a soft natural fiber bag or cloth and use them to help recharge your Lunar energy throughout the month.



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