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Translucent and delicate, the name Selenite comes from Selene, the Greek goddess of the moon. And just as the moon is recharged by the sun, Selenite distributes its energy to those in need.

Selenite is a peaceful, calming crystal, perfectly suited to times when life is anything but.

Selenite is great at quieting the mind, and clearing any confusion that's preventing you from seeing the big picture, or being aware of yourself or surroundings. It is for this reason, that Selenite is useful during meditation or for any spiritual journey. It clears negative energy and calms, making it perfect in these situations when you're needing a little more insight or clarity.

Selenite is known for it's ability to self-cleanse. It cleanses and purifies its surrounding environment and also cleanses and charges other crystals. This makes it the perfect crystal if you're needing to clear your home or office space, as it uses its calming qualities to dispel any negative energy and bring forth clarity and calm to the space.

Selenite is a soft and fragile crystal, so it isn't ideal worn as jewellery. Instead use Selenite in bedrooms to calm restless sleep, in your workplace to promote team spirit, or when there's just a lot going on in your head and you need some peace and quiet in your world.

Another fabulous use for this amazing crystal is as a Selenite lamp. Use one in your home to cleanse and clear negativity and bring peace and balance to your home. The best bit is that unlike salt lamps, you don't need to have it switched on to benefit from these properties.

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