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Six Simple Ways to Cleanse Your Aura - According to an Energy Healer.

Your aura is the energy field that surrounds your body. It is like a colourful, holographic bubble of electromagnetic energy. It acts as a magnetic field of energy that picks up on emotions, health, psychic debris, and circumstances around you. Your aura is in constant movement and change and is heavily impacted by the emotions you experience and the situations and people you interact with. It is common for your auric field to get cluttered with psychic debris or even from picking up on other people’s negative emotions. If you are a Clairsentient, there are even more reasons why you should practice clearing your aura regularly.

Some signs that might suggest you need an Aura Cleanse are:

Feeling heavy, moody, stressed, anxious, impatient, irritated and constantly wound up. Not being able to sleep properly and feeling that no matter what you do you don't feel fully yourself and that there is more you can do to achieve your full potential.

Luckily, you can cleanse your aura from the comfort of your own home, and the more you practice these techniques, the better spiritual immunity you will achieve. Once you start cleansing your aura, you will experience a drastic difference in the way you feel, and return your mind and body to peace.

Here are six ways you can clean your aura at home:


When we shower, we are not only cleaning our physical body, but we are also clearing and charging our etheric field. Showers and baths are refreshing for your whole soul. An aura cleansing bath is a ritualistic bathing process where you make use of salts, essential oils, and sacred herbs to clean your energy field.

While the bathtub is filling with water, add a few drops of eucalyptus, tea tree, frankincense, or lavender essential oil to some honey and mix well, (if you have them all, you can also create a blend). Then add this mixture to the bath water along with a cup of Himalayan sea salt.

Soak in the bath for at least 10 minutes.

Alternatively, if you are taking a shower, visualise your aura being repaired and healed as the water runs down your body. Imagine negativity escaping your body as the water drains away.

You can also use already prepared bath salts for this effect, like my Chakra cleansing Bath-ik Potions.


One of the oldest aura cleansing practices is smudging with dried white sage, palo santo, or any other ritualistic incense you have. Creating your own blend of herbs is very powerful.

Smudging is basically the burning of sacred herbs and using the smoke coming out of it to cleanse your aura.

To do so, light the bundle of herbs in a safe bowl to avoid the burning pieces falling onto the floor, and pass the smoke gently over each and every part of your body. If you have a feather to help the process of diffusing the smoke, even better.


One of the easiest ways to cleanse your aura is to have a swim in the sea. Imagine all the negativity and toxicity getting washed away with the waves. Not only is this an amazing connection with mother nature, but all the minerals we are exposed to in the sea are a great way to get your etheric field back into balance (I always knew there was something shinny about surfers, and not only their hair hehehe).


I do this exercise almost daily. It helps me in between my energy healing or tarot reading clients and also in between activities. Aura sweeping is great to keep your aura cleansed and also to dissolve any energetic cords you have created in your daily interactions.

Find a quiet place, close your eyes, and start sweeping the space around you with your hands. Begin with the top of your head and sweep all the way down to your feet. It is important that you constantly visualise your aura being cleansed and all the energetic debris falling to the centre of the earth.

Make it a point to wash your hands thoroughly after you are done cleaning the negative energy in your etheric field.


We are vibrational beings who respond negatively or positively to vibrations around us.

Chanting, mantras, humming, listening to binaural beats, or even to your favourite songs has a very powerful effect on your aura. Sound healing in any shape or form is one of the most easy and effective methods of aura cleansing. You can do this daily to strengthen your spiritual immunity.


When you use a dowsing rod ( biotensor) or pendulum, you are opening portals of energy. With the use of these amazing dowsing tools, you can create a quick diagnosis of where the blockages are in your etheric field, and you can direct your energy to move from stagnation to flow. You begin by asking a simple question like: Are there any blockages in my aura today? If the answer is no, that is great! but if the answer is yes, you can follow this process:

Move your pendulum, biotensor, or dowsing rod and say, “Clear and balance my energy field now, please”. While the dowsing tool moves you can repeat the word: Clear, Clear, Clear.

Wait until your pendulum stops moving.

Do some deep breaths and give thanks.


Cleansing your aura can have a positive impact on your life. When our auras are cleansed and free from the negative emotions, psychic debris, and clutter around us, what follows is peace and lightness to our mood, a calm and ordered state of being, and a recharged sense of self with renewed energy to reach our potential. You may even have improved sleep which is only ever a good thing, right?

It doesn't matter which way you choose to cleanse your aura, it's about finding the best way to suit you and your needs, and including it into your life regularly so you are ready to tackle whatever it is your heart desires.

Wishing you a cleansed aura and renewed energy for a magical day,

The Enchantress


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