The Master Oil - Frankincense



Frankincense oil is often called the King of the essential oils. This is because it has so many unlimited uses. Below will be some information and uses for this favourite oil.


The Resin of the Boswellia Carterii, Frereana, Sacra is what is used to make Frankincense.

The Boswellia Sacra tree can produce a couple of pounds of resin per year and if the tree is properly cared for it can survive and live hundreds of years. This tree can also grow up to 8 metres tall. These trees are native to Ethiopia, Northern Somalia, South Western Oman and Southern Yemen. They mostly like to grow on rocky slopes and southern coastal mountains.

The resin is a sap-like substance with a high viscosity. The resin is extracted by making an incision or slashing the tree so that it then emits a large amount of resin which is then scraped off or collected as it drips to the ground. The tree is carefully scored or ‘bled’ to get to the resin and then the resin collected is delicately Steam distilled to get the highest quality of the essential oil extracted.

Frankincense for the Heart


The history of Frankincense starts at a very ancient time. The people of Babylon and Assyria were using this oil for a vast array of health issues and even in there religious ceremonies to appease the Gods. They believed Frankincense was almost as valuable to these people as Gold was. Frankincense was a very prized possession and had a considerable value to those in ancient times. They even believed Frankincense was almost as valuable as Gold was.

The ancient Egyptians also used Frankincense resin for almost everything from perfume to salves for the skin.

Even the bible states that Frankincense was one of the three gifts given to Mary on the birth of baby Jesus from the wise men.

Many of this century old knowledge now is used to assist us with the uses of Frankincense oil.


Frankinsence tree

There are a vast amount of uses. These are just a number of uses that we use Frankincense on today. Though this list is not a limit to the amount of benefits of Frankincense. More discoveries about this amazing oil are being made constantly.

  • DōTerra uses Frankincense in their highest selling supplements – DōTerra Lifelong Vitality Pack

  • Frankincense is able to work at a cellular level so therefore it can help repair our DNA

  • It enhances the spiritual connection

  • At the start of your day it is good to put a drop on your hands and rub them together and inhale the beautiful, warm, clean and spicy scent. This will help you to feel more peaceful, balanced and an overall wellness to start your day fresh.

  • When used aromatically it can help remove unwanted negative feelings. Also if life or your mood is getting you down or overwhelmed this will assist to help you to be more level headed, relaxed and will balance out your moods. The diffusing method can also help to relieve the stress of every day life.

  • Frankincense is a great pain reliever. It is able to replace anti-inflammatory medication. Either by rubbing a drop or two on the area of pain (use a carrier oil such as fractured Coconut oil, if skin is sensitive) or you can put a drop or two in water and sip this throughout the day to help relieve the pain symptoms. This means that it helps to keep your joints more healthy.

  • It assists with the pain of headaches

  • It can assist with the pain of Fibromyalgia, Multiple Sclerosis or Epilepsy

  • Its believed it can even help with brain injuries

  • It assists with the pain of Rheumatoid and Osteo Arthritis

  • It also helps with Muscular and joint pain (see above)

  • It can assist with symptoms of gout

  • Assists with Asthma

  • It can be used as an anti depressant

  • Taking a drop in water in the morning can assist your gastro intestinal tract

  • Also by drinking it it can help with your liver function, bladder, urinary tract and vascular system

  • Some believe it also is a natural cancer treatment

  • It can help keep our hormones in check, thus it helps women with pre menstrual syndrome

  • It can be used to help your vision enhance so that you may no longer need reading glasses in some cases

  • It can help if you have restless leg syndrome

  • It can help you sleep better and deeper

  • It lowers your blood pressure

  • It is used as a diuretic

  • Added to a water spray it can help eliminate environmental threats and help you clean your home free of germs

  • It can assist with sore throats, colds and flu

  • It is used as a disinfectant so it can be put on scratches, minor burns and wounds

  • It can help with indigestion

  • It is great to use on your skin as it helps to reduce the appearance of scars, stubborn wrinkles, acne and stretch marks. Therefor it is has great anti-aging benefits

  • It is also great to use on your hands after a big day at work or in the garden as it helps to disinfect, soothe and warm them and heal any cracks, cuts or splits. This also means that it is good for your nails also as it helps to moisturize your whole hand

  • It can also help to remove warts, skin tags and moles by placing a drop directly on the area daily for a number of days

  • It is also used as a great mouthwash it helps to keep your teeth, gums and mouth clean and healthy. So this also helps prevent loss of teeth

  • It can assist with hair loss also

  • Frankincense can enhance the efficiency of the other oils. It especially works well with Lime, Lemon, Wild Orange, Cypress, Lavender, Geranium, Pose, Sandalwood, Ylang Ylang and Clary Sage

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