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This beautiful quality Rod, Biotensor or Bobber is the perfect way to practice Dowsing, fast, reliable and a great energy channel.


Beautiful wooden handle and a copper mix rod create a great balance of elements for this Energy work tool. The clear quartz tip, just add extra beauty and extra positive energy to any dowsing requirements.

Dowsing rod measures approximately 34 cm in length including the handle.


Please note that this is for people that can Dowse or wants to upgrade from a Pendulum. ---> Does not includes instructions

Due to the weight of the Crystal the tip, this rod is fine and super sensitive.

Strong swinging of the rod over a longer period of time can lead to a break due to material fatigue
of the antenna rod, this is normal and can occur on all rods.

The rods are created uniquely by hand and they might differ slightly from the photo.

BIOTENSOR - Dowsing Bobber

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