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Yarrow is on your side, keeping you calm and stable during diffculty and in times of instability.

It’s the flowering part of the yarrow plant that’s usually used for medical purposes, although it isn’t one single plant that Yarrow is named for, but about 140 related varieties of the Achillea species.

Historically, yarrow was used for relaxation, to soothe the skin, and make your hair more beautiful. It’s not one of the more widely used essential oils and care must be taken when using because of it’s vivid blue colour, which can stain skin and clothing if applied straight.

“Everything heals. My mind heals, my body heals, my heart heals, my soul repairs itself, and I celebrate my victories.”

Yarrow is a wonderful essential oil for many skin ailments. When ingested it may help with elasticity breakdown in the skin and promote collagen production. To promote healthy skin, Yarrow can also be added to your skin cleanser or moisturiser, and can even be applied directly where needed. It can be used to aid in the treatment of varicose veins, haemorrhoids, and eczema. Add it with Lavender for a fabulous addition to your skincare or hair treatments, and because of its relaxing properties, it also goes well in a massage oil.

Yarrow Essential Oil has anti-inflammatory properties making it ideal when treating abdominal cramps, pms and menstrual pain, and general inflammation.

Yarrow is an oil of balance. When you are needing some stability and calm in your life, Yarrow is happy to help. It has the ability to open your intuitive perception, so you can reflect and open yourself up for change toward a better you.

To take Yarrow internally, add 1 to 2 drops of Yarrow to water or tea.

Yarrow doesn’t have an overbearing scent so it blends well with most oils, but goes especially with Lavender, Back pepper. Cedarwood, Cypress.

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