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There are four distinct ways in which we receive energy and messages from heaven and the angels. These are called Clairs.

We each receive messages in a different way. For some it is one distinct path, for others it is more than one.

If you are constantly trying to ‘see’ the angels around you and their messages, but instead the energy is coming to you through another way such as your ears, in your dreams, or with a strong gut feeling (often mistaken for anxiety), you might feel as if you are not receiving any messages at all because you do not know where to look for them.

Knowing the way you are tuned to these messages being sent to you is the best way to open up and allow yourself to receiving what needs to be heard.

Clairvoyance (clear seeing)

Seeing means either seeing messages with your physical eyes such as seeing something written that pertains to another aspect of your life, or seeing a person in public that you have been thinking a lot about. This type of seeing can also mean seeing with your minds eye. This is similar to how you see in a dream or a daydream. You can see anything, but some examples of signs and messages others have seen are, numbers (especially repetitive or sequential), seeing faces, locations or objects during dreams or meditations. Extra sensitive clairvoyants even see angels in their energetic form and can see human auras.

Claircognizance (clear thinking)

In this way people receive thoughts or information without really knowing how. Most of us have experienced at least a few times in our lives when we were able to come up with the right answer or the correct solution to something, we did not know how we did it, but most likely we attributed it to luck. Whatever you may receive in the form of a ‘knowing’, is claircognizant.

Clairaudience (clear hearing)

When you receive messages in this way, you can hear messages with your physical ears such as overhearing a conversation that you didn’t expect to pick up on. Often, people will hear lyrics in a song that will bring about or confirm other thoughts or manifestations. We can also pick up clairaudient messages with our minds ear, much like how we hear in dreams or meditations. Anything we hear, either energetically or physically can be a clairaudient message.

Clairsentience (clear sensing)

This one is a form of detecting and receiving information and messages with your body; energetically, physically, and emotionally. The most common example of this is your gut feeling, but there is so much more to it than that. Any time you are around someone and you feel sensitive or as if you take on their emotions, happy, sad, or otherwise, this is very Clairsentient. It is common that you might pick up on the physical pain around you as well.

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