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Focusing On The Things Within My Control

It's a strange world at the moment. We're experiencing much uncertainty, turmoil and instability. And as with all things in life, the unexpected can be a little frightening.

There is a need for a balance between certainty and uncertainty. When there is too much certainty, we

can get bored and stagnant. Too much uncertainty on the other hand, can bring about anxiousness and worry.

I find, in my own life, that the less I have to do, the less I do, hence I make myself busy all the time. I set myself goals, schedules, and strategies to keep me going. Yes, I worry and think a lot, but I try shifting the focus

from the things out of my control and focus on

the things I can.

At this time dear Co - Creator , here are few

things I recommend:


Mindful Eating

With most of us having parents and grandparents who attended the war, it is in our cellular memory to react and prepare for famine and scarcity. We also might be guilty of eating out of boredom. When we eat mindfully, we are fully present in the moment. We are careful of what we eat, how we eat it, and how much we eat. We have a sense of honour towards the food we are eating and the process that has gone into it. We also boost our immune system as we fully appreciate the nutrition going into our bodies. Eating calmly, can make a huge difference to the way foods react in your digestive system.


Magnesium Baths

Social media has bought the world closer, yet a lot of us are in isolation and living within the four walls of our individual homes. With the increase in time we are spending indoors and in front of our devices, it is important to detox from Electromagnetic Fog. Chlorella, magnesium baths and sweating are great ways to remove the excess electromagnetic static in your body and your cells. Soak in a delicious bath twice a week to fully embrace your electric energy and cleanse it from harmful electric waves.


Meditation and Movement

The choice of staying at home has been conscious and in line with collective compassion. It is a fully present choice of quiet intention. Stagnation, on the contrary, is a negative decision of not knowing what to do, or where to start. Meditation is that quiet intention that allows you to grow creativity and recover your life force energy. Movement is great at preventing stagnation in the body, but also gives your body the best chance of a strong immunity. I recommend 15 min of meditation and 30 minutes of exercise 5 days a week.


Remove Toxicity

There are so many toxic things around us at the moment, hence as a collective, we have created a toxic environment. I suggest staying away from any toxicity in your life. Toxic foods, toxic products around your home, toxic news (no facts, but alarming, lacking evidence opinions), and toxic conversations. The reason is your body will be too busy trying to process all this toxicity, and at the moment we have higher priorities. Give your body the best chance to be toxic free.


Make it Fun

Spend time with your loved ones, learn something new, experiment in the kitchen and discover different opportunities in your life and your business. What's important at this time is focusing on the right things, the things that bring stability and happiness into our lives. But if that means all you focus on is YOU, then that too is perfectly okay. Because finding a way to maintain some calm is just as important as anything else at the moment.

And please remember I'll always be here to provide a shoulder to lean on if you need support or someone to talk too. Tough times don’t last, however, tough people do, and I’m sure we will all get through this in due course. Stay strong and please, take care of yourself and your family!