Tranquil, pure, and loving, Jade is known as the lucky stone. Jade can be made up of two completely different minerals; nephrite and jadeite, but to the untrained eye, they look exactly the same, with both offering very similar physical properties.

Jade has a gentle vibration, a light, soothing energy, unlike the strong, intense energy of some other stones. This gives its healing energy a gentleness that is full of nourishment and aids with many emotional and physical ailments.

Jade is known to help with the body’s filtration system, making it great for treating kidney or adrenal issues.

Symbolic of serenity and purity, Jade's presence alone can help you feel elevated and loved. The harmony and balance of Jade can help with your equilibrium and aid in any love related issues you may have, whether that is love for someone else or love for yourself.