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Easy Air Respiratory Blend

Easy Air is a blend of oils that have been studied for their ability to open and soothe the tissues of the respiratory system and for their abilities to combat airborne bacteria and viruses. This minty blend provides a cooling and invigorating experience with oils known to help minimise seasonal threats and give calming effects for restful sleep.

You can use Easy Air for many types of breathing restrictions, but please seek emergency medical attention if airways are blocked or breathing is severely obstructed. Conditions where Easy Air can help to open and soothe airways are asthma, bronchitis, coughs, congestion and sinusitis.

This is an aromatic and topical oil and is not for ingesting. Easy Air can be diffused into the air or inhaled directly from the bottle. For topical use on the chest, back, forehead or bottoms of feet, dilute in a carrier oil before applying (8 drops:1 tsp/5ml). For young or sensitive skin dilute further.

Other methods include adding a 3-5 drops to a bowl of hot water and inhaling the vapour. You can also place 2-3 drops on the floor while taking a hot shower to revitalise in the morning or combine with Epsom salts for a soothing bath before bed.

Individual oils in this blend are: Laurel/Bay Leaf, Peppermint, Eucalyptus, Melaleuca, Lemon, Cardamom and Ravensara

AFFIRMATION: “I am taking time for my health and wellbeing. By expressing my feelings and letting go of old behaviors, I am able to see new possibilities clearly.”

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