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COLOUR: Light to dark Orange sometimes with white or black lines

CHAKRA: 2ND Sacral


NUMEROLOGY: 1 and 3 Vibration

Carnelian is the stone of Ambition and drive. It encourages positivity, courage, motivation, leadership and confidence. It helps to activate and encourage personal power also revealing hidden talents. Carnelian helps to protect the user from all negative emotions. It can help remind us to ‘live in the moment’ instead of worrying about past or future events. This crystal is great to carry with you to interviews to boost your confidence.

It can help with blood pressure issues and also asthma. The orange of Carnelian can aid in creating energy, balancing your emotions and even boosting sexual energy. It helps create self acceptance, happiness, creativity, determination, attraction, success, stimulation, balance, enthusiasm, flamboyance, playfulness, heat, fire. Also it can help warn us of danger.

Orange is the colour of our Sacral Chakra – this is associated with our reproductive organs, stomach and colon. This chakra is located in the genital region of our bodies in both female and males. Thus this chakra monitors and balances our reproductive and sexual function. If this chakra is blocked we experience feelings of frustration, distrust, anger, guilt, fear, restlessness, confusion, lack of sexual desire or pleasure, timid or shyness, overly sensitive, introverted, low self esteem, isolation, rebellion, untrusting, become anti-social. Physically we can feel stiff lower back pain, issues with our lower intestines, stomach issues or even issues with our reproductive organs. Using Carnelian can help to counter act these feelings above and balance out the physical issues also. It can relieve laziness and bring back vitality into our lives. It can help to bring prosperity, good luck and joy.

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