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AFFIRMATION: I love myself, just the way I am

CHAKRA: Heart and Solar plexus

Rhodocrosite gets its name from the Greek term meaning ‘rose coloured”. It balances both the Yin and Yang, and helps heal our heart, lungs, throat and joints.

While all pink crystals promote unconditional love, Rhodocrosite also helps to bring not just love but also kindness and compassion. Soothing for the heart and comforting to the soul, it emits one of the most tender, loving energies of any stone.

Rhodocrosite promotes love and romance in our lives, and is said to not only attract our soul mate, but also more loving partnerships and relationships in general. It is also known as the compassion stone.

This crystal helps raise our self confidence, self esteem, self worth, and self love.. When we are facing problems it can help us cope in a more realistic, graceful, balanced fashion without denial and avoidance. This stone vibrates at a frequency of inner peace, becoming an amazing talisman for love, joy and healing.

This crystal helps to embrace one's rightful power and helps us raise to our potential. This crystal is associated with both the Heart and Solar plexus chakras. Our solar plexus stores our emotional activity and personal will, this records and stores any unresolved emotions and issues. Rhodocrosite aids in removing these blockages and helps us overcome our fears, thus forming a bridge between the upper chakras. It is also said to help resolve past issues. It helps to restore our sense of confidence, by using our creativity and adventure.

Rhodochrosite resonates with our inner child and helps to bring back our happiness, joy and playfulness. Rhodocrosite helps to give us a courageous heart and that helps to make us take action to express our love and emotions and to pursue our dreams.

It encourages forgiveness in ourselves and others. It is said to help balance and sooth our nervous system, and is also known to help our soul reach its highest level, by allowing us to understand and integrate new information easily so we can understand the soul's purpose.

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