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Wild Orange

“I have unlimited choices. Opportunities are everywhere.”

Wild Orange essential oil is a stimulating and energising oil. Its positive vibes are contagious, making it a great friend when you're in need of some uplifting. Next time you're needing a boost of self esteem and confidence you might like to give it a try.

The refreshing nature of Wild Orange gets the creative juices blooming and opens doors of opportunity to bring abundance into your life.


Christopher Columbus carried Orange seeds to America in 1493, beginning a worldwide spread of this delicious fruit that many valued for its medicinal benefits, but also learned to love for its taste.Historically it was used an an antiseptic, in soaps & cosmetics, and used in the prevention of scurvy.

The Orange is now the oldest and most commonly grown fruit tree in the world.

Cold pressed from the rind, wild orange essential oil has many benefits, including as a muscle relaxant, making it perfect for pain relief, and as a calming aid in times of stress.

Use it to support your immune system by adding a drop to a glass of water.

Combine it with water to make a disinfectant spray for surfaces around the home.

Use in a diffuser to help alleviate feelings of stress, anxiety, fear, and depression, or rub onto your hands and inhale.

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