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What We Nurture Grows


When we are children, our mothers (and fathers) are our nurturers, they're the ones who take care of us, comfort us when we're sick, feed us healthy food and give us what we need to flourish and grow.

Most mums never stop caring for their children on some level, but eventually we mature and it becomes time for us to manage our own nurturing responsibilities.


We may have grown up, but we never stop growing


It's important to nurture ourselves with the best of intentions, just the way a mother might, so we continue to flourish and grow.

But what exactly does it mean to nurture yourself and what part of you are you nurturing right now?

To nurture is to care for and protect (someone or something) while they are growing, which goes to say that the opposite would be neglecting it.

Pay attention to the care you're giving to you and your body, and ask yourself, am I nurturing or neglecting.

Is this making me grow in a positive way or will it impact me negatively?

Remember everything we put into our bodies, whether it be food, social media, or our interactions with our loved ones, will have some kind of effect on us. Is this thing in my life aiding or abetting my growth?

Does this offer happiness without sacrificing the health of my body? There are many things in our life that we put into our bodies, or surround ourselves with, that make us happy, but if they're doing harm to our physical or mental health, it may be important to ask yourself if it's worth it.

Are my thoughts kind and caring? Would I say these things to someone else I cared for? Love yourself, just as you would a child.

Am I nurturing the parts of me that want/need growth?

Because whatever you focus on is exactly the thing that'll grow. The plant you water and tend to is the one that's going to produce the fruit. Make sure it's fruit you're going to enjoy having on your plate.

Today, give yourself the love and care you deserve. Give it to yourself daily, and remember to nurture and feed your body exactly what it needs to reach for the sunshine.

The Enchantress



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