This sacred stone was originally found in the Unaka Mountains of North Carolina, which became the inspiration for its name. Mottled pink and green, this balanced combination of passionately caring pink/red with the beautifully nurturing green give it a perfectly harmonious energy.

This energy is healing for the heart, balancing for the emotions, and compassionate and caring when life’s got you down.

Unakite helps to increase a sense of living in the now, it takes on the spirit of carpe diem. In this way, it facilitates in meditations, by deepening your meditative state and reminding you that this is the only moment you need to be aware of. When you need that push to do exactly what your heart desires, especially when rules and society dictate otherwise, this can be a perfect stone to have by your side, so you can take action and not let your dreams slip away. Wear Unakite jewellery, or keep it on you, to remind you to be present throughout the day. Have a