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Sourced from all around the globe, Tourmaline is a protection and grounding stone. It comes in all the colours of the rainbow, and one beautiful variety of tourmaline even displays all the colours at once, the delightful rainbow tourmaline.

Tourmaline cleanses and grounds spiritual energies, offering a protective shield during rituals and the stresses of everyday life. It brings balance to the chakras and to your energies.

Tourmaline promotes a better sense of self, encouraging self-confidence and diminishing fears. It helps you gain perspective on all that’s good in your life, by removing negativity and instead attracting compassion, joy, tolerance, and unconditional love.

When you’re suffering feelings of overwhelm and stress, the calming effects and energies in Tourmaline will give you relief and support.

There are so many colours of Tourmaline, but here is a small selection of the cast of amazing colours you can find in Tourmaline:

Black Tourmaline is the most protective of all the Tourmaline colours. It clears away stress and negativity and offers protection to those who wear it close to the body.

Brown Tourmaline is extremely grounding, keeping the ground beneath your feet steady in times of change. It offers feelings of ease in large groups and gives empathy to help heal dysfunctional relationships.

Green Tourmaline is an amazing healer, turning negativity into positivity. It encourages calm and relaxation, which makes it a perfect tool to help with sleep problems. Wearing Green Tourmaline can help attract prosperity and abundance.

Pink Tourmaline attracts love. Encompassing compassion, peace, and gentleness it is the nurturer of the pack. Wear it near your heart.

Purple Tourmaline eases depressive thoughts and promotes intuition. It helps release you from emotional attachments and is especially beneficial for past-life healing. Wearing Purple Tourmaline encourages creativity and imagination.

Rainbow Tourmaline combines all the energies of all the colours into the one powerful gemstone. It restores balance and is beneficial for those who need emotional support. It promotes dreaming, creativity, and imagination.

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