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Tarot Essences - The Fool

In the 78 card Tarot deck, there are 22 Major Arcana cards which represent life's karmic and spiritual lessons. Each Card of the Major Arcana is said to represent the Fool’s Journey; a symbolic journey through life where the fool overcomes obstacles, or gains wisdom.

Today we are going to look at:

A pink dropper bottle of the Tarot Essence The Fool. lays on a table beside a pink flower, The Fool tarot card, a sculpture of a face, a glass bottle of white matches, and a crystal
The Fool Tarot Essence

The Fool - Tarot Essences ©

Fresh Start, Leap of Faith

Helps you see:

The flow of life, the ease of new beginnings, optimism, desire for adventures.

To discourage:

Poor judgement, chaos, lack of direction, wild behaviour, lack of focus.

The Fool represents a desire for adventure, filled with wonder and youthful innocence.

With The Fool as a personality, you are an eternal optimist, seeing unlimited posibilities for your future. Spontaneity is a blessing and a curse and you love to embrace new ideas and venture down new paths. You can be fanciful and careless, and new beginnings excite you because you have faith in something bigger coming along.

The Tarot Essences © , 22 Archetypal homeopathic remedies derived from the Rider Waite Tarot Deck, go hand in hand with Tarot to help you change your perception, and in turn, balance your emotional state.

Because that is what the essence is for … to help you embody that personality and allow you to see the perspective of The Fool … “what would The Fool do in this situation” type of thing.

The Fool Tarot Essence brings an openness to new beginnings. It is a useful companion when you're needing more courage and less worry, to take the leap into a next phase of life. Perhaps you aren't willing to do the steps needed for this new cycle. It will give you enlightenment to start this new journey and allow you to go with the flow and lessen the fear of what's to come.

This may be a good essence to use if your life is feeling chaotic and you're lacking direction. If you need to stress less and go with the flow better and be open to adventures and new beginnings.

I love to use this essence with clients who are needing to make a decision for their future or are lacking in focus for their future. Maybe they know what they need to do, but are afraid of letting go and doing what they already know they need to do. It gives them the faith they need to worry less about what may come and simply focus on the now. I also use it for those who are needing the courage for a new phase of life they're stepping into, perhaps a change in realtionship, their career, or retirement. It is great for using with issues of the nervous system, or for troubles in the calves or ankles.

You can learn more about each of The Tarot Essences © 22 Archetypal remedies and what they help you see and discourage here.

If you have any questions about how best to use The Tarot Essences or which ones might be most beneficial to you, please let me know.

With faith and optimism,

The Enchantress