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Sprinkle Magic on your Life

Magic doesn't have to be complicated; you can create magic any time in your day by applying one simple rule: Everything around you has a purpose!

Here are a few tips for you to create your own magic in 5 minutes, from the time you wake up, to the moment you go to bed.



Drink the glass of water you left overnight under the moon

The water will be charged with the moon's wondrous energy. Feel its magic and ancient energy flow through you!

This is great magic for your psychic development and is a soothing and healing feminine energy that will go right into your body. So, if your body is under stress, anxiety or if you are holding excessive heat and anger, the moonlight water will surely help you balance your energy.

Leave a sigil on the steamed mirror after your morning shower

This will set your subconscious for an awesome day and will protect your energy. Any time you feel off-centre, think of the Sigil.

How to make a Sigil A Sigil is a personalized symbol originating from your own personal intention or goal. The symbol will speak to your subconscious instead of writing down an intention that your conscious mind would read. Choose your intention, write it down, take out all the vowels and repeating letters, and create your sigil with the remaining letters. Do not think too much, just let your subconscious lead you into creating the symbol that will speak more to it. You can now draw this sigil every morning on your steamed mirror in the morning and this will activate your intention or goal into your subconscious.



When thoughts drift to a loved one, send them a message of love

They will feel it.

Love is free and when we feel love for others, we are closer to our inner being and our divinity more than ever. Love is our essence, and it is the driving force of our lives. Love heals, it liberates, and it expands you and your loved ones. You don’t need their conscious mind to receive your love through words for them to feel it. Love is felt from soul to soul. If you feel love, then feel it, close your eyes, and see that feeling of love in your mind’s eye travelling all the way to that special person. They will feel it. Their subconscious will know. And some of them will consciously feel it too.

If you see an ambulance, send blessings and healing energies

These thoughts and energies are magic to those in need.

Energy is not restricted by time or space. Healing energy only requires your focus and trust. You are a conduit of divine energy so if you accept to send positive healing energy to someone from a place of love and compassion, then it will be so. Their bodies will feel it and their soul will know you are sending those energies and blessings and will thank you instantly.

Remember, healing doesn’t just happen from pharmaceutical medicine and surgery. We are our own medicine. I invite you to trust your own healing powers more and more.

If you feel a wisp of air, cast a blessing

It will travel to the next person that breeze falls upon.

It may feel like a superstition, but trust that anything with intention and clear focus that you send out will be so. If you desire to wish someone to receive a blessing, a surprise, a warm loving call, or message from someone they love, you can do so by only intending it and send it to the wind. Everything is co-created in our lives. You can be sure that the soul of that next person heard your intention and will place itself in that right place to receive that wisp of loving blessing. Do not underestimate the higher consciousness that is our soul.



While cooking your evening meal, stir your spoon clockwise and bless your food

We always want to bless and thank the food we eat from this Earth. When we do it while we’re cooking, we infuse our food with magical good vibes.

Appreciation and Gratitude are very powerful states of being. They vibrate on very high frequencies (540 MHz to be exact – just as Love). Being in that frequency will change everything around you and in you. Gratitude changes everything in your life! Your body’s frequency raises, and everything around you will feel it too and raise as well (so will your food that you put IN your body). Oh, and it will taste much better!!!

Place a crystal under your pillow to call in the dreams you wish to have

When you intentionally pass this wish along to your chosen crystal, your chances of creating the magic you desire during the night grows.

Crystal are great absorbers of divine energy. They are great conductors of energy too. So let them help you during the night. When you intentionally give your crystal a wish (your energetic desire), they absorb that energetic information and therefore you have increased the level of your focused intention.

Wishing you a sprinke of magic for a magical day,

The Enchantress