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Ritual to Welcome Ostara (Spring) on the Equinox

What You Will Need:

Space outside facing East at Sunrise

Alter Space (small table or cloth on the ground is fine)

To set up your alter, choose things that are symbolic of Balance, New Life and Growth.

These can be anything you like and that resonate with you. The following are examples, but feel free to decorate your alter in any way that speaks to you!

Symbols of Balance

- statues or images of female & male deities (god & goddess)

- 1 white candle & 1 black candle

- Yin & Yang

- Sun & Moon

Symbols of New Life/New Beginnings

- Milk

- Honey

- Baby animals

- Decorated eggs (wooden or ceramic are fine if you don’t want to use real ones)

- Seeds

- Natural Citrine crystal or any green crystals

Symbols of Growth/Transformation

- Spring flowers

- Lotus flowers

- Butterflies / Dragonflies

In addition to your chosen symbols:

3 candles- 1 each: green, yellow and purple

Incense- Jasmine, Magnolia or Patchouli

Bowl of Milk

Bowl of Honey or Sugar

(If Casting a Circle, you will also need 1 white candle, a bowl of Water and a bowl of Salt)

Set up your alter outside, facing East.

If you must be inside, orient your alter to the East, ideally with a clear view of the Sunrise out a window or doorway. Make sure you have space around you to work in.

Prepare your space before Sunrise, so that you are beginning your ritual as the Sun comes up. As you see the first glow of the Spring Sun, cast your circle starting from the East. See my blog post on How to Cast A Circle. If not Casting a Circle, light any candles except the green, yellow and purple and your incense.

Come to sit or stand before your alter and face the Sun, feeling its rays upon you. Now begin to feel the air around you. Breath deeply and smell the change of the seasons as the Sun begins to warm the Earth. Sense the shift in energy as the the dawn breaks on a New Beginning.

Light your Green candle, symbolising the Blossoming of the Earth and say:

I welcome this day when Light and Dark are equal. The Earth awakens from its slumber and new life springs forth once more.

Now light your Yellow candle, representing the Sun, and say:

As the Sun greets the Earth, Light and Dark are equal. The Light of the Sun gives Life to all it touches.

Finally light your Purple candle, the essence of the Divine, and say:

I feel the Divine energy of Light and Dark in all things and thank ______________ (use your personal form of the Divine here: deity name/the universe/god/etc.) for all the abundance that has been given to me. Blessed am I to be alive on this day. Welcome Ostara! Welcome Light! Welcome Life!

Take a few minutes now to meditate on the 3 flames lit before you and what they represent, the Earth, the Sun and the Divine, and where your place is in the grand scheme of Life. How do you find balance between your own Light and Dark.

Final Offering to the Earth

Gently mix the milk and honey together and pour it on the ground around your alter (or take it out to your garden or put in a pot plant if preforming the ritual inside). As you make your offering say:

I make this offering to the Earth in thanks for all of the blessings I have received and for those still to come. Thank You! Thank You! Thank You!

Stand before your alter, facing the Sun and feel its warm rays upon you. Feel the cool Earth beneath your feet. Know that you are in a place of perfect balance and harmony within yourself and the Cosmos.

When complete, Close your Circle if you have cast one. Otherwise, quietly tidy or clean up your alter and begin your day. If in a safe place, you may leave it until sunset.