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Pink Peruvian Opal

Pink Peruvian Opal is connected to the heart chakra and the higher heart, offering calm and emotional healing for the heart. Its loving energy fills you with self-love and happiness.

It has a gentle vibration, which helps dispel stress, and eases anxiety and worries. The soothing nature of this stone brings emotional balance and a sense of peace and hope to the heart. Hold it in your hand, or wear it close to your heart, and you will be filled with harmony and calm.

The energy of the Pink Opal stimulates those much-desired feelings of love and compassion for both yourself and those you love.

It’s also a good stone to use if you are needing to find forgiveness or let go of anger or negative feelings you might be holding onto for others or even for yourself.

It can also be beneficial when you’re needing to release yourself from past traumas of the heart, or patterns of behaviour no longer serving you or those you care for.

The spiritual energy of the Pink Opal helps encourage intuition, making it an ideal stone to use while meditating and when connecting with angels and higher realms. Its vibration brings a spiritual awakening to those seeking it.

The healing properties of Pink Opal can help with issues of the physical heart, including irregular heartbeats, and can assist with other health problems within the heart area.

The Enchantress


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