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Petrified Wood

Petrified Wood is what remains of ancient trees, fossilised and mineralised until they’ve become a beautiful stone. The process of turning into stone can take at least a hundred years. The name comes from the Latin word petro which means 'rock' or 'stone'.

These stones are incredibly grounding, connecting us to the earth, and helping keep us calm in times of panic, and stable during moments of upheaval. In the past, these stones were thought to have special magical qualities as they held the knowledge of the tree it was made from.

Just as Petrified Wood has become a strong and solid stone when it was once a fragile piece of wood, it helps us turn our past struggles into positive strengths to move torward something greater. And because Petrified Wood is a stone of transformation, it has the power to help you in your own spiritual transformation.

Petrified Wood can help as you adapt to change on your path to a greater you. It also creates patience because change doesn’t always happen quick or easily. It may also be useful in teaching us to accept and tolerate the timing of certain events in our life, to be trusting that this is your life’s journey even when obstacles are put in our way.

Because of its grounding energy, Petrified Wood is ideal to use when meditating, it encourages concentration and aids in mental stability. Its energy also increases your sense of awareness and will help in connecting you with your cells and DNA and therefore communicating with your family line. Because Petrified Wood is so old, it helps with recalling past lives and bringing to mind the insights of lives long gone.

Use Petrified Wood when you’re meditating, or wear it on you during the day to connect to its ageless energy, helping you feel safe and calm all day long.

The Enchantress


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