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Online Presence Vs Present Existence

‘Don’t succumb to peer pressure,’ they said, but we have to be where everyone else is, right?

But at what cost?

At around age fourteen, during the third cycle of the first chakra, teenagers are searching for a tribe outside of their homes, and sadly being online is almost essential to a feeling of belonging.

To fit in, many are willing to put on a show and for an ‘online presence’ it’s possible we’re losing our true essence. This thriving potential for getting ourselves out there is really putting pressure in our new generations. Spending time on social media, comparing ourselves to others, and seeking acceptance by the masses has a big role in adding stress to our lives.

Online, we have come so far from what is actually important.


"Nothing is more precious than being in the present moment.

Fully alive, fully aware." - Nhat Hanh


Nothing on this planet comes easily, and unfortunately if we want that ‘online presence’ we must sacrifice time out of our day. The recommendation for influencers and businesses to grow their presence is to post about three to five times per day, which means those with a big ‘online presence’ have spent a great deal of their lives creating it.

I am grateful for the connections that online platforms have created for us, but it is important that we value our presence in the present moment. Do we really want to sacrifice our existence just to create an online presence?

I have been pondering for about 8 years with a concept I call "Online triggered depression". I am happy to say that, finally science is catching up with it and they are advising the population to be aware of the negative mental health effects cause by constant online connection. I believe this for a few reasons. One, the disturbance I see in etheric fields due to the disruption in magnetism when exposed to so many positive Ions. Two, the lack of touch that we experience when we are online rather than in presence. Three, the stories we tell ourself which has been manipulated by the contact bombardment of information.

The good news is that we still have time. We can fix all of this and I want to remind you of some things you can do, so you not only maintain an online presence but also a present existence.


You don't have to be on every social media platform out there, and you certainly don't have to comment or react to each of your friend's posts. You can scroll past. That's one of the best parts of social media, you don't have to interact if you don't want to. If something upsets you, sets your emotions onto a path you'd rather it wasn't on, do something about it. Make being online work for you instead of against you. If that means hiding or blocking particular friends, or unfollowing pages, then do it.

Also remember, your Social Media is YOUR property. Don't let anyone tell you something out there that you won't accept them telling you in person. If they are not brave enough to tell you this in your face, block them!

Your mental health is important.


Find a balance. It's okay to enjoy being social online, it's also important to be present in the real existence, and enjoy the present moment. Find pockets of time in your day when you are fully in the now, spending time alone with nature, with yourself, or with those you love, no distractions. Find times when you don't need to take your phone with you, or even have it on.


What are your limitations, where do you draw the line? Have a think about what is most important to you and don't let your online existence invade. Is it your sleep, family mealtimes, games night, family days out? What do you need to do to make sure you fully enjoy your present existence with no interference. You might like to take a photo of what you're doing, but you don't have to share it with the world, share the moment with the people who are right beside you instead.


Spreading crystals around the house, planting some more greenery, giving yourself Reiki, attending a session of Access Bars, getting someone to perform and Aura Cleanse or even a Chakra Balance, are all amazing tools to increase your spiritual immunity hence the health of your Etheric Field.

Go for a bush walk to reconnect your intuition, and to reset your energetic balance. Have a magical Bath-ik Potion to reset your aura, or simply add some crystals to your water.

And remember, more than half of the things you see out there online and on social media, are pretty in pictures, but forgetful in existence.

Do a favour for your wellbeing - practice and encourage your family to be present where your presence truly matters. Be mindful of the food you are eating, the actions you are taking and the company you are sharing. My best advise is for you to take a day or two per week to be completely offline.

Be in present existence.

Wishing you many beautiful 'present' moments in the coming month.

With love and light,

The Enchantress



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