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Nutrition and Mental Health


In times of uncertainty it is especially important to look after yourself and your diet. When we’re sad, we feel less like cooking and nourishing ourselves, which in turn adds to a cycle of neglect. Proper nutrition is necessary to give your brain all the food it needs to feel clearer and see life with a creative outlook. Besides, food makes people happy, so pair that with good nutritious food,

and you may feel even better!

When I am sad, it is very easy to reach for the chocolate cake and go on a shopping spree. But one adds strain to my thighs and the other to the bank account. That is why it is important to change our daily habits when we’re feeling good, so we can make better choices when we are feeling down.

Changing your life to accommodate better nutrition can be hard work. It has taken years for me to switch to a wholesome lifestyle. If you’re suffering from mental health issues, the best practice firstly is to always seek help, but here are some of my recommendations to supplement any treatment, or even

get you started on a better lifestyle.

- Read the labels -

Hippocrates, the father of medicine once said, ‘Let the food be the medicine, let the medicine be your food’. I am a strong believer that what we eat, makes a perfect environment for your cells to either be healthy or not. Eat as clean as possible and avoid ingredients you don’t recognise.

- Eat the rainbow -

Adding lots of colour to your plate can be incredibly healing. Not only do different colours carry different nutrients, but it will make the flora of your gut grow like a beautiful garden. Yellow and orange are particularly great colours to help

with self-esteem and sadness.

- Hydrate properly -

Clean drinks like herbal teas and infusions can be a fantastic addition to your daily hydration. They are packed with nutrients and make water less boring. You can also opt for a juicer and make a delicious drink with fresh and vibrant fruits to highlight your day.

Juicing is a great way to get the energy of the sun into your belly.

- Green supplements -

Adding some green into your diet can help replenish many nutrients in the body. You can find green supplements in the form of powders for smoothies, tablets, or even liquid greens like chlorella.

- Talk to your health care provider -

Some vitamin deficiencies can bring emotional imbalances, make sure you discuss with your doctor or naturopath about supplementation like Vitamin B12, Rhodiola and Gingko Biloba.

These supplements are not only great for your body but they

support the mind in amazing ways.

- Respect your rituals -

Many of us are only eating to survive, it seems that as a collective we have lost the gratitude for food. Make cooking a special ritual; love it, bless it, and be grateful for your meals. Don’t forget sleeping! Bad sleep can lead to bad eating and terrible moods. Bless your water. Dr Masaru Emoto, in his research for the ‘The Hidden Messages of Water’, discovered the importance of being kind with water. The water you drink can hold a powerful vibration when it is given love and positivity before consumption.

Hopefully these tips help you clean your diet, your mind, and your moods, and kickstart a healthier, happy YOU.

The Enchantress