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Making your home more magical!

There are so many ways to make your home magical. Home Magic is about creating spaces for energy to flow and transcend, to protect and elevate the vibration. Magic in your home is the first place to start to help enhance the magic in your life. You probably already do some of these, but here are a few ideas to bring some more magic into your home.

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Hang a dream catcher over your bedroom window or hanging over your bed

The dream catcher has its origins in Native American cultures. It illustrates a spider web that is believed to trap our dreams and nightmares during the night. Then, by morning, the rays of sunlight burn and destroy the bad dreams. Whereas the good dreams caught in the web will have a safe passage through the feathers to the dreamer’s mind. If you want to get a dream catcher, make sure you honor their origins by choosing one that is hand made from natural materials like authentic feather, wood, thread, real gems, and stones weaved into the net. Many Native Americans cultures say that their sacred dream catchers have lost their meaning in their commercialisation. Be rest assured that the authentic dream catcher will protect you from nightmares and strengthen good dreams into you.


Create a sound healing experience with Wind Chimes

Ancient wind chimes were made of bones, seashells or even bamboo. Farmers in Bali would hang bamboo Wind Chimes in the rice fields to ward off evil spirits and scare away birds. Nowadays, you can find Wind Chimes made of wood, metal, glass, and bells. Having a Wind Chimes allows Mother Nature to play her soothing, melodious, healing music in your home. Not only are they great purifiers, but Wind Chimes also have a direct positive effect on our emotions. They help reduce stress, promote calmness and a peaceful state of mind. They also enhance our ability to listen and encourage creativity.


Get yourself a Diffuser and Essential Oils

I always think of essential oils as great supporters of health, whether in your physical, emotional, or financial health. There is always a scent that can assist you in upgrading your current health state. Essential oils by their aromatic compound have the power to enhance and alter the chemical makeup of our body. They are educators of our cells gifted to us by Mother Earth. They can radiate courage, confidence, joy, and more laughter into your home. Having them around your house means that you allow yourself to live a healthier life and that you are accepting the precious gifts of Gaia.

The Enchantress using a Solar Plexus Chakra Balancing Blend

Add magic in your daily meals with Kitchen Herbs

Plant essences work at different levels in our bodies and interact in very clever ways with our cells, fats, and tissues. Pure essences have the power to provide healing to your physical, mental, but also spiritual body. Here are some of my favourite magical herbs to use in the kitchen!

Basil for when you need to switch your mind off: Basil is a thinker which is why it does wonder for mental fatigue. Respiratory problems and nervous tension are other conditions that Basil can assist with. Associated with the heart chakra, Basil is of great support for the lungs, as well as for adrenal glands, replenishing the body and relieving exhaustion.

Cilantro for detoxing the body: Cilantro is the essence of releasing and cleansing. Cilantro is herbaceous, citrusy, and fresh. It enables purification and detoxification and is a great support for allergies and upset stomachs. Overall Cilantro will help you discard what doesn’t serve you to make space for things that fill your soul.

Coriander to follow your own way: Coriander has been used widely over the years to combat digestive problems, it is also a sedative and great for joint pain. Coriander encourages you to find what you are good at and follow your own path, dance your own dance, and live your own truth.

Dill to move forward in your life with inner peace and balance: Dill is a great support to calm the muscles and to provide detoxification to the body. When Dill is balanced, it is motivated and creates rational ideas to move forward without effort.

Fennel to trust your process and celebrate your progress: Fennel is connected to the Solar Plexus Chakra. It is a small seed with big flavour. The Fennel personality won’t go unnoticed. Fennel is amazing for the stomach; it aids with feelings of inferiority and rejection.

Lavender for positive and calming energies: Lavender supports the nervous system by releasing unnecessary tension and stress. It encourages open conversations with self and others. Lavender personality is calm, relaxing, and easy-going. It is one of the safest essences, good for babies, adults, and the elderly. It can also reduce the uncomfortable sensation of skin burns and irritation.

Lemongrass for clearing and detoxing: Lemongrass is purifying and uplifting. It has been used historically to keep bugs and insects away, but it is also great for keeping the nasties away from the immune and digestive systems. Lemongrass also helps with inflammation and pain relief.

Marjoram, the herb of joy and happiness: It helps to release pressure of any type and anywhere in the body. She can relax the smooth muscle cells within the blood vessel walls, providing a holistic release of your bodily systems.

Peppermint to call in enthusiasm, cheerfulness, and freshness: Peppermint brings a breath of fresh air to any situation! As peppermint can relax the muscles and regulate the temperature in the body, it is great for headaches and mental clarity. It opens up your airways and leads the way for anxieties and susceptibility to come out of your body through your breath.

Roman Chamomile to put your mind at ease: Chamomile is one of the most commonly used herbs for its sedative and soothing powers. Chamomile relaxes your energy and lets you become receptive, allowing divine help and angelic love.

Rosemary, the herb of transition: Rosemary is a very clever essence; it knows when to move and adjust easily to its new environment. Rosemary helps with feelings of being lost and confused. This very powerful essence assists with cognitive functions. It can be an amazing aid for Alzheimer’s disease and memory issues. Funnily enough, Rosemary helps with scalp issues as well as assisting with luscious hair, repairing it from end to root.

Spearmint to liberate your truth: Spearmint is related to the Throat Chakra. Spearmint encourages speech, writing and creative expression. It assists people with speaking their truth. Spearmint also helps with digestion, aids the respiratory system and is also a powerful anti-inflammatory.

Thyme for courage within your heart: Thyme is particularly good for dealing with issues of anger and resentment. Thyme has the power to dig deep into the soul and the body and assists in removing any stagnant feelings that must be addressed. Call in the energy of Thyme to help you get a clear picture and let go of unresolved negativity. Thyme brings patience and understanding to the close-hearted. It is in the lungs that cloudy thinking and confusion is stored, therefore Thyme is great for asthma, croup, and pneumonia.

Turmeric for promising and successful new beginnings: Turmeric’s essence comes from her roots which have a deep orange flesh representing enthusiasm, creativity, determination, and attraction. Turmeric is known for its analgesic and anti-inflammatory powers and offers cardiovascular support to the body. It also has been used widely to aid digestion and liver function.


Adorn your space with Candles and Crystals

There are so many benefits to using candles and crystals on a regular basis. Having them around your house will enhance the magic in your life to another level! Candles bring a whole new different ambiance to a setting. The warmth of the fire, the flame flickering is inviting and will bring a sense of reassurance and peace to anyone in that environment. They bring light and hope into your life. Candle-gazing is also a great way to end your day.

Crystals are also great supporters of emotions! All crystals have a purpose and different abilities. They can make you get rid of heavier energies in your energetical field. Others will be charged with pure cosmic light that can bring you clarity, insights, and peace. Having them in your surrounding can also emanate high vibrational frequencies from Mother Earth into your beautiful home. You can place protective crystals and repellents of lower entities near your doors and windows to keep them away.


There is a magic in that little world, home; it is a mystic circle that surrounds comforts and virtues never known beyond its hallowed limits.

- Robert Southey


Create a Magical Reading Corner

A reading corner offers you an inviting, cozy, warm and relaxing space. Having a space designed to snuggle up on a sofa and just relax can do wonders in your life. You can use comfy floor cushions, throws and pillows and a variety of fabrics and textures to make your magical reading corner come to life! Add some lamps or fill a mason jar with LED lights. Do not hesitate to adorn your corner with hanging green indoor plants to invite Mother Earth into your space. Having calming scents like scented candles, essentials oils and Paulo Santo can absolutely enhance the magical experience of your reading corner. Have fun creating this space and choose the colours that makes you feel GOOD. And of course, enjoy filling it with your most favourite books! Here are some magical suggestions:

  • Magical Astrology by Skye Alexander

  • Botanical Magic by Amy Blackthorn

  • Spell Craft by Sarah Bartlett.


Get yourself a calming and grounding Himalayan Salt Lamp

Himalayan Salt Lamps are another high-vibrational goodie that you can use to enhance magic in your house. They have a very gentle and soothing effect on the body and the mind. With their soothing pink-orange colors, they help reduce stress, and improve our sleep and mood. Himalayan Salt has strong, grounding, and protective properties. It can absorb and repel negative energies, toxins, and even allergens in your environment.


Decorate your space with Indoor Plants

These luscious greens are not just beautiful to look at, they are filled with cleansing magic, they have that earthy grounding energy, and they are life-bringers! They are part of Mother Earth and therefore hold the healing powers of Her. They are amazing cleansers of energy and will warm your home with positive light vibrations. They do not need to be big to do big things! It is so important to make sure your home does not build up negative, heavy energy over time. It can be hard to notice because we live in our house every day so having magical plants assures you a regenerative cleanse in your home.


Set an altar

An altar is a private, sacred, and prot

ected space that reflects your own unique magic where you can really feel the magician that you are. You will see your altar change with time as you evolve. Your altar can be used as a safe space for you to find healing, inspiration, do rituals, ceremonies, tarot readings, spell work and meditation. You will intuitively know where to put your altar, it will feel peaceful, joyous, and safe.

What to include in your altar (feel free to change it in the way that feels more like you ):

1. Your altar should feel clean, as well as the space around it. Declutter as much as you can. You can use a cloth dampened in sea salt water to wash your altar table, chair, and surroundings before customising it.

2. Generate a balance from the 4 elements:

AIR (feather, diffuser)

FIRE (candle)

WATER (bowl or chalice filled with rainwater)

EARTH (crystals, sand or salt bowl, herbs)

3. You can choose a cloth to cover your altar that bring you positive emotions and that feels most like you.

4. Design your altar with various tools and objects that bring your magic to life:

  • Amulet, pendulum, and wand

  • Tarot and oracle cards

  • Charms, seashells, stones, and crystals

  • Herbs and essential oils

  • Book or journal where you write your spells and rituals

  • Mortar, cauldron, bottles, and jars

5. You can place a picture of a loved one, a deity, an angel, or any sigil or symbol that is sacred to you.

I hope this helps you turn your space into a magical sanctuary!

– The Enchantress –