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How to cleanse your crystals

Forgiveness ritual

To ensure your crystals are at their most effective and powerful, it is extremely important to clean them correctly and regularly. Crystals are used to direct energy so you want to remove any unwanted influences to make sure the energy flow is not adversely affected.

Every time you buy a crystal it needs to be cleansed and reset. This is because they absorb other people's energy, like a sponge absorbs water. 

It is always a good idea for any crystals you use regularly to be cleansed and recharged just as often. If you're a healer, you'll want to cleanse your crystals after each client to remove any negative energy.

Darker crystals absorb more negative energy thus they will need to be cleansed even more regularly as they hold this energy deep within their core.

Ways to Cleanse your Crystals

There are a wide range of ways to cleanse crystals. Remember some crystals, like Selenite or Kyanite, and any salt based crystals, are not water soluble.

· Bury them in sea salt.

· Use your breath by blowing the energy away from the crystal.

· Subject them to soundwaves, eg singing bowls, bells.

· Pass the crystals through incense or smudge them with sage.

· Pass the crystal through the flame of a candle (do not burn yourself).

· Put the crystals in spring water. This allows the energy that has built up to be absorbed by the water.

· Bury the crystals in the Earth. The earth draws stale energy out and absorbs energy like a sponge (grounding the crystal). Beware that crystals like to go back to nature, so if doing this, it may be best to place them in a pot plant that you're able to unbury them from.

· Place the crystals to be cleansed on a Clear Quartz or Amethyst bed or place your crystals around a Selenite tower. These large clusters draw out the negative energy.

· Rituals, prayer or with specific clearing sprays.

To recharge your crystals with positive energy you can put them out under the full moon or in Sunlight. Do not leave in the sun for too long as this can bleach the colour from the crystal. Thunderstorms also help recharge your crystals as do singing bowls. Also Clear Quartz and Amethyst beds, or Selenite tower will recharge them too. The easiest way to charge your crystals is to meditate with it, surrounding yourself and your crystal in white healing light.

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