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Cardamom is the Queen of spices in the cooking world. It is a popular spice to use to flavour many types of dishes, but its benefits don’t stop at the kitchen door.

Cardomom grows close to the ground and is well connected to the earth. It offers grounding and comfort during times of stress, fatigue, or when you’re finding it difficult to digest intense emotions of frustration.

It is Cardamom’s calming and soothing properties that make it an ideal Essential Oil for when you’re having trouble dealing with anger or aggression. It helps you breath out and release your anger.

Affirmation: “I choose to see things differently.”

Because of its calming effects, Cardamom is great for stomach discomfort, helping to relax and ease digestion, and can assist with gastrointestinal health when used internally.

It also promotes clear breathing and respiratory health when taken internally.

Cardamom has a spicy, refreshing aroma, which complements many other oils. It blends well with other spice oils, citrus oils, and wood oils.

Cardamom is energising, use it in your diffuser to create a sense of uplifting calm and openness in your home.

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