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The word apophyllite comes from the Greek word "apo," and "phyllon," meaning "it flakes off", which is appropriate with apophyllite’s tendency to flake after it loses water when heated. Many stones have small parts of stilbite, which vibrate with the energy of love.

Apophyllite is calming and tranquil, and with its high vibration of light, it is known to raise spirits, attract angelic energy, and fill you with love and support.

It is powerful but gentle, and can help in stressful situations by clearing and absorbing negative thought patterns, offering relief from anxiety and worries.

Apophyllite creates conscious connections between the physical and the spiritual world, therefore it acts as the perfect transmitter for vibrational energy.

Its light and energy make it a great tool to enhance healing for yourself or others. It is sometimes referred to as the Reiki stone as it often helps Reiki clients go into deeper states of relaxation to help them heal.

Apophyllite stone works particularly well with clearing emotional traumas from childhood, that might be holding us back. It guides us and gives us the courage to truly be ourselves, by letting go of negative thought patterns and actions that no longer serve us and our true purpose. When that negativity disappears, our aura is rebalanced, creating calm and natural joy in our lives.

It is a great healing crystal to use in your meditation as it can be a powerful aid to help receive guidance from your guides and angels. Hold it in your hand and feel the energy as you meditate on a specific intention you have in mind. Let the powerful vibrations of peace and love of Apophyllite fill your entire body and spirit during your next meditation.

Inhale - breath in the healing love of apophyllite.

Exhale - breath out the negative energy blocking your way to a better you.

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