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SODALITE - The Harmoniser

My first experience with Sodalite was around 7 years ago. I had been out with friends and indulged for the first time in my life in some white wine. I didn't know then that I was intolerant to sulphites and I spent almost 24 hours in hell. It wasn't like a hangover, it was more like someone cut my stomach in half. My daughter was 2 at the time, there was not a spare moment between her and the bathroom. Crying I finally asked for help, I was shown my crystal book and the Sodalite crystal came up for me. Within 20 minutes of lying in bed with the crystal, the pain was gone and I had a smoother ride. Since I felt I was dying, Sodalite to me is now a Life Saver.

Chakra – Throat and Third eye

Star Sign – Sagittarius

Planet – Venus

Sodalite is a rich royal blue colour, with swatches of white. It can be easily confused with Lapis Lazuli as Sodalite’s chemical components are often found in this Lapis. The main difference is the colour of the blue, Sodalite is darker with more veins of white running throughout the stone. Sodalite is named because of its high sodium content.

It is also known as the Intuition stone, bringing you back in touch with your sixth sense. This crystal resonates with our throat chakra, the energy centre of communication. It also helps to clear electromagnetic pollution in our environment. Its great to use in group situations as it helps bring about balance and harmony.

Many artists, sculptors, painters and philosophers use Sodalite to help with their creativity. This crystal has been used in this way dating back to ancient civilizations. During the renaissance, the particular shade of Sodalite was considered a sacred colour. This is also where we get the phrase ‘sacre bleu’ comes from. This colour was used for the robes of mother Mary and the Archangel Michael, the warrior-archangel with the flaming sword.

It helps to bring out the truth in situations, where the issues are not so clear. It is able to aid in a clearer rational thought process. It can bring emotional balance and helps to calm panic attacks. It is a great crystal to enhance your self esteem, self confidence, self acceptance and self trust. This helps to make you feel more empowered in yourself. It aids in relieving stress, guilt , phobias, mental confusion, Sodalite helps to balance your metabolism. It helps boost our immune system, the nervous system, the lymphatic system and our adrenals. It also helps to stimulate your pituitary gland, thus opening up your spiritual perception. It can help overcome calcium deficiencies. It’s a great grounding stone to help to gain access to the spirit realms as it helps to release fear, tension and negative emotions. It has a calming, sedating and quietening effect on over reaction. It can help to calm a racing heart and pulse, also helping to bring your blood pressure down. It helps alleviate inflammation, also helping to heal minor burns. Sodalite is great to help you get a restful sleep.

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