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Taking care of your Chakras

The Chakras are the main energetic centres of the body, our electric wiring system. Chakras also regulate different parts of our body, and consequently our life. The word “Chakra” means “wheel” in Sanskrit, the main seven chakras run throughout our spine to form the pillar of the entire structure. When our chakras are balanced, and our wheels are working in tandem and in perfect harmony with each other, life energy flows freely throughout our bodies and prevents blockages which cause physical and spiritual ailments.

Alternatively, when our chakras are out of balance, when one or more becomes stressed or blocked, this can have a negative effect on the organs in that region of the body. In turn, this contributes to negative emotional states, such as depression or anxiety. In most cases, when our chakras are not balanced, it is the result of more than one chakra being blocked.

Each of our chakras can be either underactive, overactive or open.

An underactive chakra means it is working slowly, there’s not much life force running through it, and likely has some kind of blockage.

If a chakra is overactive, you’re giving that area of your life more attention than is required. It’s possible, too much of your life energy is going to this chakra.

Although open isn’t necessarily the right word, because there is no such thing as a closed chakra, if your chakra is said to be open, it means it is working in perfect balance and harmony, just the way it’s supposed to.


Let’s have a look at what our life might be looking like when each of the chakras are underactive, overactive, or open:

The Root Chakra is associated with the reproductive glands. It is the centre of physical energy, grounding and self-preservation. The Root Chakra governs the back, feet, hips, spine and legs. The Root Chakra is about being physically there and feeling at home in situations. Underactive: If you tend to feel fearful or nervous, your Root Chakra is probably under-active. You would easily feel unwelcome and unsupported. Overactive: You may be very materialistic and greedy. You are probably obsessed with being secure and resisting change. Open: you feel grounded, stable, and secure.


The Sacral Chakra governs the sexual organs, bladder, bowel and lower intestine. This Chakra is about feeling and sexuality. Underactive: If you tend to be stiff and unemotional or have a poker face, the Sacral Chakra is under-active. You are not very open to people. Overactive: You tend to be emotional all the time. You will feel emotionally attached to people and can be very sexual. Open: Your feelings flow freely and are expressed without you being over emotional. You are open to intimacy and you can be passionate and lively. You have no problems dealing with your sexuality.


The Solar Plexus Chakra governs the stomach, upper intestines, upper back and upper spine. This Chakra is about asserting yourself in a group. Underactive: You tend to be passive and indecisive. You are probably timid and don't get what you want. Overactive: You are domineering and probably even aggressive. Open: You feel in control and you have sufficient self-esteem.


The Heart Chakra is associated with the circulatory system and thymus Gland. It is the centre of compassion, love, group consciousness and spirituality. The Heart Chakra governs the heart, lungs, blood and circulation. Underactive: You are cold and distant.

Overactive: You are suffocating people with your love and your love probably has quite selfish reasons. Open: You are compassionate and friendly, you work at harmonious relationships.


The Throat Chakra is associated with the respiratory system/thyroid gland. It is the centre for sound, communication, speech, writing and thought expression. The Throat Chakra governs the throat, thyroid, mouth, teeth, tongue and jaw. This Chakra is about self expression and talking. Underactive: You tend to not speak as much and you probably are introverted and shy. Not speaking the truth may block this Chakra. Overactive: You tend to speak too much, usually to dominate and keep people at a distance. You are a bad listener if this is the case

. Open: You have no problems expressing yourself and you might be doing so in a creative way.


The Third Eye Chakra is associated with the autonomic nervous system/pituitary gland. It is the centre of psychic power, spirit energies, higher intuition and light. The Third Eye Chakra governs the pituitary gland, pineal gland, skull, eyes, brain, nervous system and the senses. This Chakra is about insight and visualization. Underactive: You are not very good at thinking for yourself and you may tend to rely on authoritative people. You may be rigid in your thinking, relying on beliefs too much. You might even get confused easily. Overactive: You may live in a world of fantasy too much. In excessive cases hallucinations are possible. Open: You have a good intuition. You may tend to fantasies.


The Crown Chakra is associated with the central nervous system/Pineal gland. It is the centre of enlightenment, dynamic thought, truth and oneness. The Crown Chakra governs the top of the spinal cord, brain stem, pain centre and nerves.This Chakra is about wisdom and being one with the world. Underactive: You are not very aware spiritually. You are probably quite rigid in your thinking. Overactive: You are probably intellectualising things too much. You may be addicted to spirituality and probably ignoring your bodily needs.

Open: You are unprejudiced and quite aware of the world and yourself.


A Chakra Balance is one of the most common and frequently performed healing techniques around the world.

There are many ways to address your chakra health, though. Using Access Bars, Reiki, Angel Therapies, Readings and Crystal Therapy, are some of the forms of Spiritual Healing to help get your chakras aligned and in balance.

These types of therapy are particularly beneficial if you are very sensitive and don't like taking medication. If you have been on prolonged forms of treatment without results, or are frustrated with chronic or recurring problems, Chakra Balancing can be very beneficial. Similarly, if you suffer emotionally and are unable to understand the basis of your unhappiness, anxiety, or confusion this therapy can be a positive step in your healing process.

When I am treating my clients, I use my clairvoyance, pendulum, and dowsing bobber to determine any blockages.

Another way I offer to help balance your chakras is through the use of my Chakra Balancing essential oil blends. These are designed to be used as a perfume to help balance your energy centres, and are a great at home tool to use on their own, or to compliment any of the above mentioned therapies.

Another good way to keep your chakras balanced is to practice regular self-balancing techniques.

Meditation - Breath work is a reminder for our chakras to flow harmoniously.

Visualisation - See the healing life energy flow through your body.

Colour therapy - You might use this in conjunction with visualisation, or while painting and drawing a connection to specific chakras through their related colour.

Immerse yourself in nature - Ground yourself. Do this while meditating or performing a visualisation technique.

Sound therapy - Bathe yourself in healing sound. You might like to invest in your own Tibetan sound bowl.

Essential Oils - Stimulate, calm and balance the chakras. My chakra balancing blends work wonderfully with each chakra, but you can also use individual oils. Have a look at my chart, Essential Oils and Chakras, to help guide you on what oils to use for certain chakras.

You can also use crystlas, massage, reiki, and general excercise to help bring your chakras in balance.


Whichever way you choose, at home or with the help of a spiritual practitioner, getting into the habit of regular chakra balancing has overwhelming benefits; physically, spiritually, and mentally.

I hope this encourages you to impart some of these practices into your life so you can enjoy some of those many benefits, so your chakras continue to work in harmony with and for you.

The Enchantress


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