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Nurturing your Spirituality

I love when people tell me they ‘haven't been spiritual for a while because they’ve been really busy with life’, as if spirituality is a piece of clothing that is only useful while we are wearing it.

You might have other thoughts about your faith, but to me, being spiritual is a deep belief that you are part of something greater. Spirituality has nothing to do with the material world and the small things we get busy with; it is a deep sense of belonging, and a deep sense of knowing. While your faith might change depending on your circumstances, spirituality doesnt come and go, it doesn't leave you and it doesn't require anything of you.

Having said that, nurturing your spirituality is not about becoming ‘more spiritual’, there is no such thing; it is about digging deeper into your soul and coming to recognise that extrasensory part of yourself. Because we can’t see our energy field, and our clairs are not being taught, it is a little challenging to read what is going on deeper than just our physical bodies.

I have to agree that if you nurture your spirituality, with practice it becomes easier to express the part of yourself that is connected to unconditional love and greatness.

“A dream doesn't die because it has no truth, it dies because you fail to nurture it." - Susie Clevenger -

I would like to explore a few ways we can get in touch with our spiritual side or become more intune with our metaphysical self.

1 - Meditation

This is one of the most important tools to connect with your inner world, to stop and focus on yourself. There are different ways to meditate, you just have to find what works for you. You might like to go for a run or try journaling, instead of sitting quietly. You might also like to try my Healing Temple Meditation.

2 - Exploring your feelings

Honouring what is happening inside, asking questions and exploring your feelings is a powerful way to unravel what is really going on. Asking questions to ‘God’ (The universe, or your subconscious) is a great tool of exploration of the self.

3 - Being in a state of gratitude

Did you know that gratitude and peace have one of the highest vibrations of all? We all think it’s love, but love has many faces. Gratitude sends messages to the grid, and the grid responds accordingly. The more grateful you are, the more ‘high vibes’ you will radiate.

4 - Listen to nature

It is so sad that we have lost this skill from our ancestors. Listening to nature's cues is an important part of living. Nature guides you with the most unconditional love, it cleanses your energy and revitalises your energetic field. Going for walks in nature, hugging a tree, dipping yourself in the sea are all powerful practices that, if applied regularly, have massive beneficial effects on your spiritual body.

5 - Pray

Being in touch with the divine part of us is an act of empowerment, self motivation and strong faith. These characteristics are very important if you are higly driven, from sport to business, winners all have these three in common. Praying, just like meditation, takes many forms, colloquial or traditional, use the one that serves you best.

6 - Acknowledging divine guidance

There is one thing we sometimes miss when we’re talking to God, and that is not making time to listen to the answer. When we don't listen to divine guidance, it dims. Acting on divine guidance makes your connection stronger and more accurate.

7 - Look for coincidences

Pay attention to the signs that you are being guided. The energy field works as a matrix of creation. When we instruct our subconscious to do a certain task, the matrix responds with small signs, keeping your eyes open for small clues in the physical world that, just like a treasure hunt, will guide you in the right direction.

The idea is not to take extra time in your life to ‘be spiritual’, but that spirituality lives within you. All the tasks I have suggested can be incorporated into your daily life without much effort. Spirituality, in fact, is effortless, it likes the path of least resistance, guiding you through what feels good, it recognises you for who you are and it doesn't want to make changes, it accepts your faults and your mistakes, it is always forgiving and kind.

With love and kindness,

The Enchantress