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Taking Charge of Your Own Health

For thousands of years, we were all alone, in charge of our own fate and praying for our health, as if a divine force was in charge of the destiny of our health. Doctors were scarce and pharmaceuticals were non-existent. While I'm a big supporter of prayer and agree with its impact on our healing, history shows that good will is clearly not enough to decrease our premature death rate.


The amount of science and study undergone in the last 700 years to get us to the medical system we have today is incredible, and I am so grateful for our doctors and nurses. My thoughts today have nothing to do with the job of medical professionals. It has to do with you, and what we, as patients, are doing to collaborate with those professionals, so they can do their job more efficiently and effectively.

So now we know more, what can we do?


‘Be willing to do whatever it takes to be a warrior

for your own health.’

– Jan Mundo –


We need to take our power back, because although science knows a lot, we know our bodies too. We need to connect with our bodies and listen carefully to what it needs, and remove any limitations and false barriers we've set up convincing ourselves of how impossible it is to do what we actually need to do. Most often we already know what it is we need to do for our health, but today, I am going to be another small voice reminding you of what some of these may be.

Manage your emotions

It has been proven time and time again, that our emotions play a huge roll in the healing process and while a pharmaceutical can definitely help your physical body, only you can deal with the emotions that lie inside of you. What is happening in your life to create detrimental emotions? When we hold onto bitterness, resentment, animosity, fear, and self-doubt, we only do ourselves harm. These emotions sit inside you and cause real physical issues for your body. If you can work on removing the issues causing these emotions, you are making great progress on your physical health. You might like to try my forgiveness ritual or letting go ritual or perhaps an Energy Healing or Hypnotherapy session will be beneficial to help shift and heal your emotional body.

Use food as medicine

Any healing can be complemented with a good diet. A rich variety of fruit and vegetables straight from the ground has incredible healing ability. Many people use food for healing. I am one of them. Food is life, food is medicine. Not only can you eat a daily diet full of real foods, but you can incorporate certain foods to support what you need. E.g., celery juice assists the liver and kidneys, turmeric helps with inflammation, leafy greens support immune function, and so on. Find what you need and eat it!


Whether it's visiting the gym multiple times a week or gentle movement each day, add movement to your life and see how much better you feel.

Alternative medicines

There are many types of alternative medicines that can complement your healing. Try acupuncture, reiki, aromatherapy, naturopathy, herbs, massage, and counselling. Find what resonates with you and what makes you feel better. If you are undergoing an allopathic treatment, it's a good idea to mention these to your healthcare professional to ensure it will not affect your current treatment.

Life changes

Take a look at your lifestyle and ask yourself what is making you feel sick? Do you need to change job or move house? Is there someone you need to remove from your life? What habbits are causing a detrimental impact on your life?

Other things to try while using allopathic medicine, or simple daily for better health, are meditation, smart sun exposure, and journaling your feelings.

These are free and readily available.

I hope these suggestions help you to see your physical healing as a process that is inside of you rather than on the outside. But most importantly I hope this has triggered a curiosity of the ways you can support your wellbeing that are effective, cheap, and keep you in charge of your own health. Because in the end, if you're not in charge of your body, who is?


Wishing you harmony and freedom in your healthy healing journeys.

With love,

The Enchantress



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