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Forgiveness ritual

Just as the trees let go of their leaves in preparation for the cold, and readiness for new growth, so must you let go of the things you no longer need to prepare for something new.

Change is hard, but with the falling, decaying and letting go energy of Autumn, now is a good time to make those necessary changes. It's all great to think & want to let go of the negativity, doubt, and fear holding you back, but creating a ritual to perform alongside the elements and seasons can really help force the intention into action.

Before you begin this ritual, think about what it is you want to change. What is it that you need removed from your path so you can move on to a more fulfilled you? You can use this ritual to also create intentions for what comes after the change as well as the intention of letting go.

What You Need:

A small cast-iron couldron, pot or heat proof dish, placed on a fire-safe dish.

A couple handfuls of dried gum leaves, sage, native lemongrass, or tea tree paper bark for clearing the energy.

Rutilated quartz for spiritual balance & to assist with your releasing of the past.

A piece of paper

A pencil or pen


To Preform the Ritual

Write down your intention on the paper, you don't need to go into detail, but you do need to be specific. E.g. I'm letting go of the fear that's stopping me from applying for the jobs I truly want, or I'm moving on from my past hurts so I can allow myself to be loved again.

Light a few of the dried herbs & leaves over the couldron. While holding the paper, the intention, say, 'I'm afraid/nervous/worried to make this change, but I know it is the right thing for me to move forward.'

Stoke the flame with the lemongrass & bark and repeat the words. Take time to feel the emotions of what's holding you back; the fear, doubt, and pain. It's not wanting to acknowledge these feelings that is part of the reason you're unable to let them go. So, give yourself permission to feel it all now. Breathe deeply as you feel and repeat the words above until these emotions shift.

When you're ready, rip up the paper over the fire and say, 'I let go of this, I release it now, and I am open and welcoming to what comes next. And so it is.'

Place the ripped paper into the couldron and watch them burn.

When they've reduced to ash (& they're cold), allow the wind to take them away, or if you're near a river or creek, you may like to watch the water take them away.

Finish with a shower and change into new clothes to signify your re-birth.


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