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With beautiful hues of pink and swirls of darker shades, rhodonite is a stone that harnesses so much beauty. The word Rhodonite comes from the word Rhodon which is Greek for Rose. And sometimes we need a little bit of sweet rose in our life.

Rhodonite is pure love. It is centering and compassionate, and helps heal emotional wounds from the past.

Forgiveness resonates with Rhodonite, so it help you release any tendencies toward resentment and anger. Rhodonite nurtures love, and is a powerful stone for relationships, helping clear barriers that prevent good communication.

It promotes calm during turbulent times and can build confidence and grounding, and reminds us that after the storm comes the calm.

Rhodonite is an ideal crystal to use during meditation, to help uncover your true passions and give your heart an energy boost.

Sometimes we need to reflect on where we’ve been in order to move forward. Rhodonite, with its all-encompassing forgiveness and acceptance, allows us to be open to heal and move on from a past hurts.

Use Rhodonite to remind you to be open to the love that surrounds you in this world.

The Enchantress


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