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‘Palma rosa’ in Spanish means pink palm. Pink always brings us back to the heart, and with Palmarosa we are supported in matters of the heart with its beautiful rose scent that brings balance and nurturing into our life and relationships.

Palmarosa is a tropical grass native to Southeast Asia which shares similarities with lemongrass and citronella, but it’s its similar fragrance to rose essential oil which gives Palmarosa its name.

Palmarosa is popularly used as a fake rose. She makes the unconditional, conditional. She is the friend who reminds you that you are enough; there is nothing that needs to happen for you to be loved. It sparks emotional strength and restores frayed feelings in your relationships. It helps you replace the feeling, ‘what can I do to be loved?’ with ‘I deserve to be loved no matter what I do’.

“I love myself unconditionally and I am worthy of receiving love.”

With its calming properties, it is a beautiful oil to ease anxiety, stress and nerves. It is a supportive and balancing oil, and brings comfort to the grieving, soothes emotional wounds, and aids in the healing of old hurts of frustration, anger, and lack of self-confidence. Palmarosa opens the doorway of the heart to bring love and forgiveness to traumatic events.

Palarosa is fabulous for the skin. It balances moisture levels and locks moisture in, leaving the skin looking and feeling rejuvenated and clear. It aids in the healing of many skin ailments, including acne, cuts and bruises. Combine with a carrier oil and massage onto the skin where and as needed.

As an anti-inflammatory, Palmarosa assists with digestive issues, bloating, gastrointestinal and urinary complaints, and loss of appetite. It can also be an effective natural remedy to clear congestion and excess mucus.

With its hormone balancing ability and its assistance with inflammation, Palmarosa can be a good oil to use when managing premenstrual symptoms.

Palmarosa, with its floral rose scent is an uplifting essential oil to diffuse in the home to lift and balance moods.

Palmarosa blends well with citrus and other floral oils like Ylang Ylang, Jasmine, Lavender, Rose, Grapefruit, and Bergamot.

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