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Melissa is a breath of fresh air. She’s light, playful and happy and brings hope into your life.


As one of the rarest and, unfortunately, most expensive essential oils, Melissa is enjoyed for her fresh and sweet citrus-like scent and is also known as lemon balm.

She brings hope and light to the darkened soul, assisting in spiritual connections you are needing to make.

“There is perfect balance in all areas of my life. I am creating a harmonious life.”

Melissa brings stillness by shifting negative thoughts aside, soothing the mind, and calming racing thoughts. It is useful for calming the effects of anxiety and offers stability and balance in your life.

Due to its anti-stress, anti-anxiety, and soothing qualities it is helpful in improving mood, coping with stress, reducing tension headaches, and aiding in insomnia or sleep issues.

Melissa essential oil can be helpful in supporting a healthy immune system, aiding with bacterial and viral infections, such as herpes.

Use Melissa to help improve memory, alertness, and cognitive performance.

When you’re cooking, Melissa can be used to add flavour to lots of your favourite foods and drinks like cakes, teas, ice cream, and fish dishes.

Use Melissa in stressful situations by rubbing it onto your palms and inhaling directly to help relieve any tension and anxiety.

Add Melissa essential oil to your moisturiser or a spray bottle with water and use on your face to leave your skin feeling rejuvenated and refreshing your mind.

To help with relaxation, put a few drops in a diffuser and fill your home with the fresh, calming air of Melissa, or add it to an oil for a soothing massage.

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