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Energy Never Dies, it Cyles

Just like the seasons of the year, energy moves, transforms and cycles.

The Law of Conservation of energy which states that, ‘energy can neither be created nor destroyed, only converted from one form to another’, rules through our universe in every aspect of it.


As human beings we thrive on the routines of daily life that keep us safe and in a place of measured outcomes. We get so busy in our minds, and so hectic with things that we are ‘used to’, that we block the way for new effects to flourish. I do agree that in order to prosper, we need a reasonable amount of certainty, and when we have certainty in our base chakra or roots, we can move onto

bigger and better things without worrying about our basic survival.

But the trick to wellbeing is to find balance in all things.


‘Life Is A Balance Between Holding On And Letting Go’

– Rumi –


To help you understand, let's look at an example:

When we exercise, we move our stagnant energy, and create new cells that take the space of the old ones. That is why after exercising we feel refreshed and alert, while when we sit on the couch for prolonged periods of time, we feel sluggish and lethargic. Our energy field has not had a chance to flush out what is no longer necessary.

Let’s take a look at a bigger picture now:

Because we are electromagnetic beings, with our thoughts, actions, emotions and intentions, we attract certain energies into our etheric field; some positive and some not so much. After many years, if they are not shifted, they take up space that in turn hold us back from reaching our full potential, from creating new energies, and from attracting new possibilities.

A perfect pattern of this is holding onto trauma from the past, and not allowing yourself to move forward from it, reminding yourself constantly of what happened, creating a timeline of your life from the ‘event’ and sharing your sorrows of the trauma with whoever will listen. Now, ignoring these events would not be helpful either, but have a think of ways you can create transformation.

There are many stories out there of people who have created these transformations in their lives from traumatic events, they are incredibly inspiring.

In this time of change in season, take the opportunity to create your own inspiring story, knowing that dwelling on your sorrows without creating a change will only make you stuck. Move away from stagnant stories that you tell yourself, and create a new, positive, and inspiring story that makes

you a star of your own movie and a hero of survival.

Sending you strength to carry out the changes needed for this season in your life.

With light, love, and positivity,

The Enchantress