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Harnessing wisdom from their experiences

The bond between us and our ancestors stretches beyond anything we can comprehend or grasp. They have paved our way forward, their footprints and lives helping shape who we are today, and their DNA lives within us still. Their lives are long gone, the stories they could tell along with them, but what if we could peel back the hands of time and get a glimpse, a taste of some of what came before us?

During Samhain, the festival of the dead, on October 31st and November 1st, the veil between our world and the spirit world where our ancestors reside, thins. We can take advantage of this time by using it to honour and connect with our ancestors. It’s highly likely our ancestors are the source of our spiritual gifts, and using meditation to communicate with them means we can garner some of their wisdom and

possibly even receive messages from them.

Crystals are a great way to establish a connection with our ancestors. Because you and your energy is unique, choose crystals that have worked for you before, or that you are drawn to. Or perhaps you know of a crystal that is specifically connected with the culture of your ancestors, their country of origin, or is in a piece of jewellery

handed down through the family.

Here are some wonderful crystals that I believe work really well for this purpose.

Nothing connects us more than the earth that came before us at the same time our ancestors were alive. Petrified Wood is what remains of ancient trees, fossilised and mineralised until they’ve become a beautiful stone. Its energy will help in connecting you with your cells and DNA and therefore communicating with your family line.

Chrysanthemum Stone

Due to geological movement millions of years ago, these stones form a natural black and white pattern that looks like a chrysanthemum flower. This stone helps to clear any negative patterns from our ancestors and aids in forming a

connection with our family tree.


The green and red colours in Bloodstone are a perfect symbolism for the bloodline that runs back through generations of your family. It helps you connect to this lineage and allows long ago memories of your ancestors to come to the forefront of your mind.

Ancestral Timeline Crystals

Some pointed crystals like Quarts have a rare feature where it appears as if the point has had a chunk cut out of it, resulting in a lower flat section within the crystal. These crystals can help identify inherited patterns and beliefs from past generations that may be causing current day pain.

Crystal Skulls

These look like human skulls which can be clear or coloured crystal, and range from basic carvings to beautifully detailed skulls. These are incredible tools which represent our history and it’s believed that crystal skulls can work like crystal balls with a glimpse into the past, present and future, emitting psychic energy, auras and sometimes sounds.

When you’re ready to connect with your ancestors, choose several of the crystals to wear or place near you for your meditation. It is ideal to focus on one family line when you meditate, that way you have a clear path to your intended ancestors. It might be your mother’s maternal line, or father’s paternal line, or a combination that helps you connect with specific ancestors. You can do this through the power of music that is culturally relevant to your family, or your family’s past.

Sit and take a few deep breaths. In. Out. In. Out.

Focus on you. Everything you are in this moment has been formed from generations of love, hurt, triumphs and tragedies. Everything that’s come before you has been vast and wonderful and an important part of what makes you, you. It runs through you still. Think of the country, culture and people who are your ancestors. Visualise where the family line starts. This will usually be a mother or father. Let them come to mind and breathe in their light and wisdom taking a few moments to be with this spirit, breathing in and out slowly, before moving up your family tree.

Once you’ve reached the end of the line, allow yourself to sit silently and accept any messages these spirits may have for you. They may come to you as feelings, a sound, or images in your head. When you are ready, before you come out of your meditation, say a little thanks.

“I am who I am because of those who’ve walked this earth before me. I thank all who have shaped me to be who I am today.”

The Enchantress