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Comparing the Oracle of the Essences decks

Bigger deck - bigger font -

more cards

The third edition of the Oracle of the Essences came out at the end of August 2020. It saw the biggest change in my cards since their original release in 2018.

So what's changed?

The box is a new design. It has a magnetic opening on one side, instead of the regular box lid which slides up.

The cards are the same size, but because of the box's bigger size, it has allowed for a larger companion booklet with bigger font for easier reading.

The third edition has seven brand new cards.

Traditional Black Spruce

Spiritual Blue Lotus

Healing Celery Seed

Powerful Citronella

Magical Osmanthus

Divine Palmrosa

Sweet Vanilla

Another feature of the new deck is brand new designs to four of the original cards.

Original image on the left, newly revised on the right.


Juniper Berry

Siberian Fir


EACH DECK CONTAINS - 70 full-colour cards, with artwork and keywords to illustrate how the essence can benefit you and your loved ones. - A 165 page booklet describing the personality of each essence, the meaning of the card, a quote that embodies the essence and an affirmation for each, with an Index for easy navigating. - The book also guides your reading of the cards, with references to colour meanings and chakras, as well as easy spreads for beginners to advanced readers.

Don't have your own third edition Oracle of the Essences yet? You can get yours here.

With gratitude for your support of my oracle cards,

The Enchantress


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